How To Fly Fish

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 Fly Fishing This series constitutes the largest, most comprehensive collection of destination, adventure & instructional fly fishing programs ever produced. Over 170 titles  fly fishing instruciton & enjoyment for all ages. From beginners to seasoned experts, viewers all will gain helpful tips from over 30 experts & guides & visit  great fly fishing destinations of the world. 


New How To Fly Fish Whether you are a novice or an advanced fly angler, you will discover helpful techniques on all aspects of salt and fresh water - from basic casting techniques to fly tying to fishing knots to how to fish lakes and from drift boats. This series covers the essentials of fly fishing, including choosing the right rod, line choices for every situation, knots and fly styles, and the differences between casting for freshwater trout in small mountain streams and saltwater fly fishing. Fly fishing enthusiasts, from beginners to the most advanced will improve and develop their fly fishing skills from these easy to navigate DVD's. Entertaining instruction in all the essential aspects of the art of fly fishing and tying. Each DVD provides easy-to-follow instructions and tips for fly fishing enjoyment. Instructors include Jim & Kelly Watt, Dick Talleur, Billy Pate, Steve Rajeff, Lenny Moffo, Randy Baker, Bill Marts, Chris Ryan and Gwenn Perkins.