Bennett-Watt Entertainment: About Us

Photo journalists Jim and Kelly Watt have produced and released over 180 hours of High Definition TV documentaries, hundreds of fly fishing and travel TV programs, TV commercials, corporate portraits, video news releases, promotional profiles, internet introductions and exercise DVD’s. For several decades they have been working for ABC News, 20/20 & PrimeTime, NBC Dateline, CBS 60 MinutesPBS, CNN, HBO, ESPN as a location production team and in addition, this rather laid back but dynamic pair also filmed & hosted ESPN’s Fly Fishing Video Magazine for many years.

With over 60 years experience working in 40 countries, the South Pole and North Pole, behind and in front of the camera, filming, directing and producing news, documentaries and entertainment shows, the Watts are pioneers in High Definition (HD) and 4K video production. They were the first in the world to purchase an HD camera and recorder from Panasonic in 2000 and were filming in Ireland a week later!

In addition to their professional and technical expertise, the Watt’s enjoy traveling, cooking and are skilled, passionate fly anglers.


More about the producers
For more than 40 years, Jim and Kelly Watt, co-owners of Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc. have been creating, producing, directing and photographing television news, documentaries and programming for national and international distribution.

Jim Watt, Lighting Cameraman / Director of Photography
Jim Watt has produced and directed film and video on location in every state of the union, as well as more than 3 dozen foreign countries. Jim has over 40 years of experience as a network cameraman, director and producer. Jim started his television career in 1963 in the mailroom of
WDAF-TV, in Kansas City, Missouri. He moved from the mailroom to processing black and white news-film and learning the art of cinematography, to which he has devoted his career. In 1967, he started freelancing for NBC News in Vietnam, soon capturing a coveted position as staff network cameraman. During his 11 years as a staff network cameraman for NBC News, Jim covered the war in Vietnam, filmed numerous assignments for including being chosen as one of three NBC News cameramen to cover President Nixon's first visit to China in 1970 and the sole NBC News cameraman to accompany Henry Kissinger on an around the world tour, the following year. In 1978, Jim Watt, resigned from NBC News, moved to Seattle and started his own production company, James Watt Video. When Kelly Bennett joined him in 1984, they changed the name of the company to Bennett-Watt Enterprises, Inc., which has since evolved into Bennett-Watt Entertainment, Inc. as well as Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc.

Over the last 30 years Jim has been doing what he enjoys most... filming, editing, creating and fly fishing.

Kelly Watt,  Sound Mixer / Camera Person / Producer
Kelly Watt has been a working professional in network television news, documentaries and entertainment for over 30 years and began her career at 
KOMO Television in Seattle, Washington. Ms. Watt worked for many years as a sound technician for various television networks (ABC, NBC, PBS, HARPO, CBS, CNN, ESPN, HBO, CNBC) and productions and until she refocused her attention from that aspect of network television she was the “first call” sound tech in the Northwest for network television assignments worldwide. She is co-host, producer and videographer of Fly Fishing Video Magazine, a premier ESPN and Outdoor Life Channel television series that ran for nearly 10 years and she has filmed and/or recorded sound in more than 15 countries and every state in the U.S.

Since 2000 she has focused her efforts on production of the various high definition “Discoveries…”  series produced by Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc., with her partner and husband Jim Watt. The satisfaction and challenges of being one of the real pioneers in modern day HD and 4K video production has cast her in many functions from Africa wildlife videographer and sound tech to producing a series of cooking programs. Constantly on the “prowl” for new and challenging projects in addition to all her production responsibilities, Kelly is also a graphic artist, web designer, avid cook and passionate fly angler.

Jim and Kelly Watt  have been a production team since 1984 and continue to shoot, produce, host, edit and deliver a variety of different projects.

Freelance Talent 
To compliment the staff, freelance talent is also added to the mix when appropriate.

ABC "This Week" Multiple camera formal interview

ABC GMA Live Shot 

Video Production Needs?
The award winning production team of Jim & Kelly Watt, pioneers in modern HD video production own top of the line HD video cameras, sound, lighting and editing equipment. This husband and wife team are not only accomplished videographers, but also producers, writers, editors and graphic designers too, so feel free to contact Bennett-Watt HD Productions to explore how this magnificent resource of expertise can take your next video project to a superior level of excellence. Business & Technical Training, Family & Professional Profiles, Documentaries, Web Videography, Real Estate Portfolios, Political Statements, Video News Releases, Sports Profiles, Holiday Celebrations.

High Definition Stock Footage?
Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc. has thousands of high definition video clips from around the world.





International & USA Stock Footage



ABC Live Shot




CNN GPS Anchor Wraps

Green Screen

Sample Video Clips
News & Documentaries Artist Profiles Political Campaign 
TV Commercials Webfomercial Real Estate Portfolio
Marketing & Promotions Industry/Manufacturing Profiles Training Education
Webfomercial Aerial Footage The Watt's can film anything!
    SC Jib shot on beach

Documentaries, News, Artist Profiles, Web Videography, Political Statements, Video News Releases, Reunions, Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, Holiday Celebrations, Commercials, Business & Technical Presentatons, Sales Presentations, Public Relations, Fundraising, Conferences, Trade Shows, Special Events, Real Estate Portfolios & Property Tours, Viral Videos, Testimonials, Streaming Web Video, Travel & Destination Programs, Hospitality & Tourism Videos, Personal Video Histories, Sports Profiles, Marketing & Promotions, Industry & Manufacturing Profiles, Training & Education, Company Portfolio, Weddings and more!


Client Comments:

Jim and Kelly Watt are not only talented, hard working, creative and imaginative they are incredibly pleasant and a joy to work with.  Whenever they're available for our needs in the Pacific North West they're our go to crew.  I've had the pleasure of working with Jim and Kelly many times with 20/20 and the footage always looks great and correspondents, producers, and our subjects all leave with nothing but compliments for Jim and Kelly.

They're simply the best!   

Brooke Stangeland, Editorial Producer, ABC News 20/20


I have had the pleasure of working with Jim and Kelly Watt for an international production client and a multi-million dollar non-profit client.  I trust them to always give me their best, and most importantly, exactly what I need.  They are fast, intelligent, and creative.  I can’t say enough about them. Thanks for always bringing your A game!

Amy Green Thrasher, Producer, Director, Writer, Thrasher Worldwide Communications, Inc. Washington, D.C. metro area


To whom it may concern:

I have been associated with Jim and Kelly for nearly 20 years. I would like to extend a recommendation to anyone looking for a team of truly professionals. Jim and Kelly Watt are a class act.  Whenever I have needed promotion video I need only make one call and they go into action. They can script it for you, film it and produce it. This is so important for me to have a team doing what they do best, so that I can do what I do best, selling boats. I have found them to be totally a seamless production company.  I have had them produce numerous video productions from our promo video to seeing them in action of producing a series of TV shows and video production of numerous topics. I have also been with numerous video crews producing other TV shows and Jim and Kelly are second to none of them.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking to produce video for web video, promo video and I would welcome any calls as to their work skills, quality, integrity and innovation.

I might add that they both enjoy their work and it shows in the final product.

I look forward to any questions.

Sincerely, LaMoyne Hyde

LaMoyne Hyde, Client, Hyde Drift Boats, Idaho Falls, Idaho


In my 15 years at ABC News, working with Jim and Kelly, I will simply say, THEY ARE THE BEST!

I have known Jim since his days at NBC News. He is the most professional, creative, diligent, hard working, technically astute cameraman I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

He and Kelly are great producers. They understand both the editorial and technical aspects of a story. Their equipment is state-of -the-art. They are fierce competitors. They will not get beaten on any assignment.

At any price, you can do no better than Jim and Kelly Watt.

Tim Tison, Client, ABC News


The best in the business, A classic team of pros!

John Nance, Client, Author, Aviation Analyst & Professional Speaker


You really have a knack for lighting places well and getting great shots. I appreciate your talents.

Shelly Heesacker, Client, Harpo Productions