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Instructional cooking from professional chefs covering everything from seasonal italian cuisine, tips & techniques, pastries, everything chocolate including truffles, molding, dipping, tempering,holiday deserts & fruit/vegetable carving! 

Choose from a variety of program formats to suit your needs... DVD's, Blu-ray discs, Download's for mobile devices (IPad etc) viewing in your kitchen are available in addition to the Collections available on Flash Drives. 

Topics include: Seasonal Italian Cuisine - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall; Basic Food Preparation, Pastry Baking Basics, Canning Basics, Gourmet Food Preservation, Barbecue & Grilling, Seafood Basics, Thanksgiving - ready to serve in 5.5 hours!, Chocolate - Basic Truffles, Colorful & Creative Molding Techniques, Tempering, Holiday Confections; Food Carving Artistry - The Basics, Advanced Techniques & Ultimate Creations. 

REVIEW: Library Journal December 2011 
Dare to Cook Seasonal Italian Cuisine (Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall) with Chef Tom Small 

Washington State–based chef Tom Small has all the right ingredients to be an outstanding cooking coach: a graceful way of moving about in limited space and using standard equipment; mellow, unhurried speech; and a creative use of ingredients. He here prepares inspired Italian dishes in what looks like his home kitchen and on his outdoor deck. He is a chef who knows what he is doing and can convey it to others in an easy fashion. Each disc includes a variety of creative recipes for appetizers and salads, entrées, desserts, and drinks appropriate to the featured season as well as a demonstration of special skills. For example, on Summer, he shows how to debone a whole chicken; on Fall, how to make sausage without special equipment. From first to last, this reviewer—a dedicated amateur—wanted to go right to her kitchen to prepare some of his dishes and felt certain she could do so with only one more viewing. Small is a serious, straightforward, and knowledge-able professional and a splendid teacher. This series is highly recommended for academic cooking classes, high school and above, and for public library patrons wanting to expand their kitchen repertoire.—Sheila S. Intner, Prof. Emerita, Simmons GSLIS at Mount Holyoke Coll., So. Hadley, MA