NEW Fly Fishing Basics

How To Fly Fish

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Provides viewers with valuable information that will help them to be better prepared for the many challenges of fly fishing. Detailed instruction is provided by fly fishing experts Jim and Kelly Watt who have hosted their own fly fishing television series on ESPN and The Outdoor Life Network for over 10 years. From casting for freshwater trout in small mountain streams to saltwater fly fishing for Sailfish and Marlin, this instructional program is the product of over 50 years experience gained from fly fishing every conceivable location and situation possible. "The New Fly Fishing Basics" uses a combination of live, on location action and detailed instructive graphics, filmed in crystal clear Widescreen Digital High Definition (HD) video for today's DVD.

The new DVD format allows viewers to have more control of their learning curve by being able to pick and choose which segments they want to watch as well as having the option to easily view a particular technique repeatedly until they completely understand it. Select segments of the program cover the essentials of fly fishing equipment and setup such as choosing the right rod, line choices for every situation, knots and fly styles. Lessons and examples include basic casting techniques, expert casts for difficult situations and the proper way to fish lakes, streams and rivers.

The program also provides step-by-step lessons for basic fly tying. Easy to understand instructions on tying a streamer, basic dry fly and Nymph are presented.

Subject details include:

  • Basic Fishing Techniques - Lakes, Streams, Rivers and Entomology
  • Basic Casting Techniques - Roll Cast, Simple Pick/Set Down, False Casting, Shooting Line Cast
  • Knots - Nail Knot, Leader to Leader Knot, Double Overhand/Surgeon's Knot, Leader to Fly Knot, Improved Clinch Knot
  • Equipment - Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Leaders, Flies, Stuff, Waders, Vest, Tools, and more
  • Basic Fly Tying - Fly tying tools, vises, hooks, learn to tie a Nymph, Woolley Bugger Streamer and a Basic Dry Fly
  • Advanced Techniques - Double Haul, Open Loop Cast for Nymphing, Sink Tip Lines, Reach Cast, Slack Line Cast, "S" Cast, Jump Roll Cast, Mending, Downstream Drift, Wind Casts from the Front, Rod Side, Behind, Roll Cast and Backhand
  • Choosing the right rod
  • Line choice for every situation
  • Knots

Customer Comments and Reviews

"Watching The New Fly Fishing Basics video has instilled and created for me a tremendous itch to get back in the water with my fly rod. I simply wanted to give both a thank you, and a wow! What a well produced, easy to follow video with very detailed and well-spoken descriptions of all the basics/advanced stuff, to help me from getting tangled in the weeds and trees.

I strongly feel that this is a video that can be beneficial to anyone who is interested in fly-fishing, who already fishes, or anyone who is curious. I am a very advanced beginner, and after watching the techniques for casting that I never even knew existed, I can't wait to get in water again, all because of this video."

DVDNFFB AWARD: The Videographer Award of Excellence 2002 Instructional Category

DVDNFFB REVIEW: The New Fly Fishing Basics
Pick up a nymph, tie a woolly bugger streamer, and grab a bunch of dry flies--it's time for fly fishing! Offering a great introduction to the sport for beginners and a good refresher for old hands, this high definition DVD provides simple, clear-cut instructions and gorgeous visuals. Hosts Jim and Kelly Watt cover fly tying, knots, equipment, basic fishing and casting, as well as advanced techniques, demonstrating an obvious love for the sport throughout.

In fact their gentle enthusiasm is downright contagious (a friend who watched the program with me had to be nearly hog-tied to a chair by his wife to keep him from lighting out for the local sporting goods store). The "174th fly fishing related program released by Bennett-Watt HD Productions," who know their subject inside out, this is highly recommended. Editor's Choice.

DVDNFFB REVIEW: The New Fly Fishing Basics
The New Fly Fishing Basics DVD ($29.95) from Bennett-Watt Video Productions is an introduction to fly fishing presented in a clear and comprehensible fashion. Program hosts Kelly and Jim Watt demonstrate the basics of knots, flies, and equipment, and they offer expert casting instruction. What makes this DVD work is the clever use of computer technology: split-screen views, diagram overlays of casting action, and a caster's-eye view. Soon to come in DVD format is "Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur" part of the "How To Fly Fish" series. New and Newsworthy section.

DVDNFFB COMMENTS FROM VIEWER: Ron McElroy, Senior Technical Training Instructor
The New Fly Fishing Basics
...I received the DVD "The New Fly Fishing Basics" for Christmas, and wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD. I am a Technical Training Instructor, and appreciated the instructional techniques used. Well done!

DVDNFFB REVIEW: The New Fly Fishing Basics
...And what great tools these are! The New Fly Fishing Basics features ESPN's Fly Fishing Video Magazine's hosts Jim and Kelly Watt explaining just about everything you need to know to get going in the sometimes confusing world of freshwater fly fishing. Their friendly, low key style makes them great teachers and by using stop-action and slow motion techniques they explain the right and wrong way to cast.

Later in the DVD they get into knots, equipment, fishing techniques for moving and still water and there is even a short section on basic fly-tying. The title is actually a bit of a misnomer - there are some advanced casting techniques that will allow the viewer to come back to the DVD even after the basics are mastered and still learn more. I watched this DVD and went fishing that evening, and after their explanation (the best I've seen) of the causes and remedies to the dreaded tailing loop, I had a great outing: no "wind knots", no tangles, no lost flies...

DVDNFFB REVIEW: The New Fly Fishing Basics DVD
DVDs - which allow viewers to pick and choose the segments they want to watch - are a perfect medium for instruction. The instructors here are Jim and Kelly Watt, hosts of their own fly fishing television series on ESPN and The Outdoor Life Network. Segments include basic and advanced casting techniques, a primer on equipment and basic fly tying. This DVD is a pleasure to watch and learn from, thanks to alternating male/female narration, rhythmic pacing, effective use of slow-motion repetition, reinforcing graphics and beautiful locations, including streams in Ireland and rivers in Argentina.