Billy Pate's Fly Fishing For Billfish

How To Fly Fish

$ 12.95

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The ultimate challenge: Fly fishing for billfish. Billy Pate, the recognized expert in fly fishing for billfish, is your guide to knowledge and expertise you need to pursue and catch billfish on a fly. Billy Pate has set more big game fly rod world records than anyone else in the world, holding at one time or another world records for all 6 species of billfish.  Kelly Watt, Co-host of the Fly Fishing Video Magazine series and an expert at fly fishing in her own right, joins Billy to offer tips on teasing, landing, reviving and releasing billfish.

Filmed off the coast Costa Rica, near Quepos, Billy and Kelly explain technique, tackle, flies, leaders and water conditions. Including all the valuable and difficult to obtain knowledge necessary for anglers, captains, and mates to catch billfish on a fly. Great instruction packed with extraordinary action including underwater video of sailfish actually taking the fly.