Beyond the Basics and Reading Moving Water

How To Fly Fish

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Fly Casting, Reading The Water, and Entomology with instructors, Bill Marts and television producers and hosts Jim and Kelly Watt from Outdoor Life Network and ESPN who guide the viewer to new knowledge in skills necessary to become an accomplished fly angler. Learn about still water and streams with instruction and tips that will help anglers understand the fish in its environment. Appreciate how important reading the water is so one can approach the water without spooking the fish.

A quick review of the basics of fly casting is also presented before more advanced fly fishing instruction is offered. Entomology, the study of insects, is a discipline for some, but most folks just want to know what works when we see fish rising and how best to "Match the Hatch." A practical approach to finding the right fly.

DVDBBM REVIEW: Beyond the Basics and Reading Water
...does a fine job of leading the angler along the path of increasing appreciation for, and success in, fly fishing.  The session "Bugs! Entomology," a comparison of aquatic invertebrates with the artificial flies developed in their imitation, is fascinating.