Working with Hair, Tips and Techniques For Dry Flies with Chris Helm and Glenn Weisner

New Hooked On Fly Tying

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Chris Helm and Glenn Weisner tie an assortment of very popular flies using a wide range of different hair, including calf body hair, calf tail, moose body hair, elk hair, whitetail body hair, bull elk, cow elk and elk mane. Gel spun thread and material selection are highlighted along with using the correct side of a Peacock stick and tying off the parachute hackle on the wing post. The adult stone showcases a half bullet head technique, the Stimulator shows tying with hair for tail/wing/body and the Elk/CDC illustrates a durable way of setting an elk hair wing on a small hook.

Chris Helm of Whitetail Fly Tying Supplies has been tying flies for 35 years. Although he is well known for his study of whitetail deer and working with deer hair, he ties and teaches all types of flies. The Buz Buszak Memorial Fly Tying Award was given to Chris Helm, which is the highest award available to any tyer. Chris has written numerous articles and has been in 11 fly tying DVD's on deer hair, thread, and specific fly patterns. He enjoys all types of fishing but has a special love for bonefish, permit, bass, bluegill, grayling and pike.

Glenn Weisner of Glenn River Fly Co. has been tying flies since a seventh grade science fair project and has honed his tying skills tremendously thanks in part to private lessons, workshops and personal coaching from life-long friend Chris Helm. Glenn developed the ''Fly-Kit'' (fly tying kits) to help individuals have a more positive and enjoyable fly tying and fly fishing experience and he most enjoys tying trout flies and is recognized for his interest in Midge patterns and Terrestrials. Royal Wulff, Parachute Madame "X", Turck's Tarantula, GR Adult Stone, Stimulator, Elk and CDC Caddis (Sedge)