Discoveries Costa Rica: Birds - Quetzals to Cuckoos

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HD38 Preview from Bennett-Watt HD Productions on Vimeo.


“If you combine all the birds species found in the United States and Canada and put them into an area the size of the West Virginia, that is what birding is like in Costa Rica.” says environmental consultant, wildlife biologist, avid birder and National Geographic photo instructor, Willy Alfaro.


There are over 900 bird species identified in Costa Rica. Many are considered rare and exotic and can be found in an incredible array of habitats and microsystems that make this land bridge between the Americas so rich in bird life. Many visitors travel to Costa Rica to catch a glimpse of the fascinating Resplendent Quetzal which is definitely the “WOW” factor bird here.

Featured birds include:

Rufus Vented Ground Cuckoo

Tanager: scarlet rumped, speckled, blue gray, palm, silver throated

Ornate Hawk Eagle

Falcon: laughing, collared forest

Honeycreeper: red legged, green, shining

Great Kiskadee

Parrot: white fronted, brown hooded

Parakeet: crimson fronted, orange fronted

Northern Jacana

Green Ibis

Heron: tiger, boat billed

Black Bellied Whistling Ducks

Purple Gallinule

Black Cheeked Woodpecker

Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

Clay Colored Thrush

Macaw: scarlet, great green

Gray Headed Chachalaca

Lessons Motmot


Wood Stork

Black Vulture

Yellow Crowned Euphonia

Giant Cowbird

Tropical Kingbird

Masked Tityra

Oropendula: montezuma, chestnut headed

Aracari: fiery billed, collard

Toucan: black mandibled, keel billed

Northern Emerald Toucanet 

63 Min.