Washington's Klickitat Steelhead

Fly Fishing Adventure

$ 9.95

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The Klickitat River is a 75 mile long wild and scenic tributary of the mighty Columbia River. Located in south central Washington State, this is the home of excellent summer-run steelhead fishing. Jack Mitchell is a consumate professional guide and instructor. Jim and Kelly Watt join Jack on the river for a ''busman's holiday''. Even though he's supposed to get some fishing in himself (research) he still gladly shows folks who aren't all that knowledgeable about steelhead how to be successful on his river.

Jack is joined by several professional guides who enjoy guiding anglers to Steelhead on the Klickitat. Late October is closing in on the end of the season, though there are several more weeks of bright fish to expect here. Swinging or nymphing, skating or dead drift, rubber legs or eggs, wading or boating, spey or single handed rods... Opportunities abound and there is something for everybody! Steelhead Ranch is conveniently located and run by Jack and his wife Jennifer. They can accommodate up to 8 anglers comfortably in a ''bonanza style'' country living setting and offer a variety of lodging/fishing packages. Days start early and end late with many ''Steely'' experiences in between.