Trout Dries and Steelhead Flies with Tim Fox

New Hooked On Fly Tying

$ 9.95

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Tim Fox Has been fishing his whole life and has been tying flies and in the fishing industry for almost 3 decades. Thanks to a career at The Fly Shop in Redding, California, Tim's travels have taken him throughout the US, and other world wide fishing destinations and he's learned to tie flies not only to catch fish but also being in the industry, he ties flies so that OTHERS can catch fish.

The patterns demonstrated in this DVD are among the most popular flies developed over Tim's career with emphasis on the proper material to use, the correct proportions of flies and techniques that seem to escape even the most experienced commercial fly-tiers. Each fly should be found in every fly fisher's box and tying your own will give that extra measure of satisfaction. Tim shows you how to tie the following flies:

  • Fox's Scum Dun
  • Fox's Crowning Poopah
  • Fox's Foam Humpy
  • Fox's Golden Pheasant Tail
  • Fox's Hot Shot Comet
  • Mr. Fox's Sleech