Traditional Streamers & Bucktail with Don Bastian

New Hooked On Fly Tying

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Don Bastian demonstrates and reveals his tying experience regarding material selection, application, proportions, durability, construction, and finishing techniques of traditional streamers and bucktails. This collection of patterns and the methods revealed will inform and educate fly tying students with the basic knowledge and techniques to construct traditional streamers and bucktails. Don Bastian has been tying flies and fly fishing since age 12. He has over 750 wet flies, streamers, and bucktails published in the book, Forgotten Flies (Complete Sportsman, April 2000). Classic wet flies are his fly tying passion but he is experienced in a wide range of fly tying styles and techniques. A fly fishing guide and instructor in his home state of Pennsylvania and has been teaching fly tying for over 25 years Black Ghost, Barnes Special, Gray Ghost, Footer Special, Supervisor, Mickey Finn