Tips for Tying Better Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies with G.S. Stack Scoville Jr.

New Hooked On Fly Tying

$ 9.95

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The purpose of this program is to give the tyer who would like to venture into tying classic Atlantic salmon flies instruction in mastering some of the essential skills in tying these beautiful flies. Although not every known technique is demonstrated, many of the essentials are shown. This is a demonstration of a series of steps, in a logical order, for tying classic salmon flies... rather than a step by step instructional DVD for tying a particular salmon fly pattern (see other programs in the New Hooked On Fly Tying Series).

Mastering these skills will give the tyer a head start in mastering the art of tying the classic salmon fly. More importantly, using these techniques consistently will allow the tyer to be more proficient at the vise, regardless of the pattern being tied. G. S. "Stack" Scoville, Jr. started tying flies in his early 20's. His passion in tying is Victorian-style Atlantic salmon flies. He is an interventional cardiologist, practicing in Nashville, Tennessee. When not working, he does a little fishing and fly tying as time permits. Techniques to be demonstrated include: Tips and Tags, Tying Golden Pheasant Crest Tail, Herl Butt, Applying Tinsel and Hackle For Salmon Fly Bodies, Floss, Hackle, Golden Pheasant Tippet Underwing, Building A Married Wing, Applying Shoulders To Married Wings, Bronze Mallard Roof