Terrestrials, The Other Hatch with Glenn Weisner and Wayne Samson

New Hooked On Fly Tying

$ 9.95

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Glenn Weisner and Wayne Samson has been tying flies and fishing for decades. Career schedules, family commitments and plain old bad luck generally means that when they show up on a trout stream the main insect ''hatch'' has already come and gone. It was for this very reason that Glenn and Wayne started to research and tie Terrestrial patterns.

''The Other Hatch'' is a compilation of their most productive Terrestrial patterns that are durable enough to withstand a fifty bluegill afternoon in your favorite farm pond and creative enough to be presented on virtually any trout water setting. With a combined 40 years of both fly tying and on stream fly fishing experience Glenn Weisner and Wayne Samson of Glenn River Fly Co. conduct private fly tying sessions, on-stream educational workshops and make and sell their flagship product called the ''Fly-Kit''. GR Hopper, GR Slow Water Hopper, Hair and Foam Beetle, Skilton Beetle, GR Hi-vis Ant, GR Cricket, GR Lady Bug