Spain, Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins

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Take a historic journey through Spain's most spectacular icons of the past dating to Roman, Moor and Christian influences. This fascinating documentary delves into the cultural and architectural diversity of the Iberian Peninsula. These cathedrals and castles contain some of Europe's finest art collections and historical architecture. (7 DVD collection includes 5% discount: El Corazon, Pilgrim Route, Coastal North, Barcelona, Mediterranean, Southwest, Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins)

Customer Comments and Reviews

"I recently saw the Discoveries Spain Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins DVD and found it to be absolutely delightful. It brought back memories of a trip to Spain earlier this year. Thanks!"

DVDHD14 REVIEW: Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins
From the dawn of time, humankind has manipulated stone into tools, shelter, and art. Discoveries...Spain: Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins travels to Spain to chronicle the stonebased architectural history of the Iberian Peninsula, from the time of Christ to the present day. Filmed in widescreen digital high definition video, this beautiful program begins with a look at the stone bulls in Merida, before examining the construction of stone aqueducts, outdoor theaters with incredible acoustics, and magnificent castles and cathedrals, each of which reflect the culture and art of its occupants.

A well-scripted architectural travelogue, loaded with fascinating history and terrific on-location photography, the video features interesting sights from all over Spain, including Seville, Toledo, Leon, Avila, and Segovia. Sure to appeal to armchair travelers, history buffs, and art and architecture enthusiasts, this is highly recommended.

DVDHD14 REVIEW: Discoveries Spain: Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins
This beautifully filmed documentary and travelogue on Spain and its architectural heritage is sure to please both students and teachers of Spanish culture. Tracing structures in Spain built by the Celts, Visigoths, Romans, Moors and Christians, each ruin or building is described in terms of its historic influence. Roman bridges, highways, and aqueducts are still functioning perfectly today. The exquisitely complex Moorish carvings and tiles are as vibrant as they were when constructed.

An unseen male narrator speaking in Spanish-accented English describes Spain's architecture from the time of the Celtic Iberians to the present day. Other famous sites seen and described in this film are the Roman theater in Merida; the Roman aqueduct in Segovia; Andalus, or Islamic Spain, where universities were built and literature flourished; Sevilla's Arabian palace; Segovia castle; the old Roman bridge in Medellin; the Moorish castle of Trujillo; and the cathedrals at Astorga, Avila, Toledo, Segovia, and Sevilla. The Moors brought architecture and literature as well as crocus bulbs from which Spain's lucrative saffron industry originated. Madrid's main cathedral was begun in 1883 and completed 100 years later. In Barcelona, an art deco cathedral begun in 1882 remains unfinished. This DVD would be a useful addition to travel or cultural video collections about Spain.