South Dakota

Discoveries America

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In South Dakota they don't just carve stone, they carve entire mountains! In the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore is one of the great icons of America. A few miles away, is a work in progress, The Crazy Horse Memorial. The dreams of man manifested by the determination of a single family's hard work and perseverance. One of the greatest events of the year, takes place in Custer State Park.

The annual Buffalo Roundup attracts over 8000 spectators to watch the display of cowboys on horseback (and in a wide variety of other vehicles) herd 1500 of the stubborn beasts to the pens for sorting, vaccination and potential sale. Once out of the Black Hills among the prairies is ranching and farming country.

A must see is Wall Drug in Wall, the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, Hansen Carriages in Letcher, Laura Ingalls Wilder's childhood home in De Smet, Terry Redlin Art Gallery in Watertown and the Corn Palace in Mitchell. October is pheasant season, a monument to which is the World's Largest Pheasant in Huron, which is also home to "the city of murals". Pheasant hunters from all over flock to this area to pursue the state bird, the Chinese ring neck pheasant.

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SD REVIEW: DVDDA Discoveries America, South Dakota
"Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug, The Black Hills, South Dakota is a mecca of popular tourist attractions for vacationers, and this latest entry in Jim and Kelly Watt's fine high-definition filmed Discoveries...America covers all of these highlights, while also illustrating why South Dakotans consider their state the beginning of the West.

Mountain carving is not only evident at Mt. Rushmore, but also at the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is still years from completion (but visitors can watch a "monument in progress"). Other sights include Custer State Park, one of the largest in the nation (and host to an annual buffalo roundup); the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, featuring hundreds of historic cars on display; and the Corn Palace in Mitchell. Featuring great cinematography, informative descriptions, and plenty of suggestions for off-the-beaten-highway attractions, this addition to the Discoveries America series is definitely recommended."