Discoveries America

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From the rolling forest-covered hills of rural Pennsylvania to the modern urban centers, Penn's sylvan, or Penn's woods, is the subject of the latest Discoveries America program. Journey back in time through the cobbled streets of Philadelphia and uncover a wealth of national treasures: the liberty bell, Independence Hall and the U.S. Constitution to name a few. Nearby, Valley Forge puts the American Revolution into context at the new National Center for the American Revolution while Gettysburg continues to be an important historical shrine.

Visit a small artist's studio in the woods where Wharton Esherick, an important American artist and sculptor, worked with wood and the studio he built is now a museum for his creations. Take a ride on down scenic back roads through Covered Bridges and past Painted Barns (advertising barns), which tell their own stories about early American workmanship. To the west, Pittsburgh, a city once known for its pollution, has changed its direction and is now vying to become one of the cleanest cities in America.

Go inside their new convention center to see what makes a building 'green' and meet hundreds of rare and exotic birds at the National Aviary. Farming is a way of life and agriculture is still the most important industry in the state. Modern dairy farmers tend to hundreds of acres of crops with huge harvesting equipment while their Amish neighbors perform the same tasks the old fashioned way - using only horses and mules. From "red, white and blue" to "green", Pennsylvania in the 21st century is a remarkable contrast of cultures and lifestyles.

(Discoveries America Middle Atlantic 6 DVD collection includes 5% discount: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and District of Columbia. Condensed version also available with 6 DVD's in a single case.)

"...Rolling farmlands, forested hills, bustling cities, and a rich history make Pennsylvania an inviting tourist destination. This well-organized program (Discoveries America, Pennsylvania) samples the national parks, historic sites, visitor centers, and natural beauty of America's second state. The tour begins in Philadelphia at Independence Hall before highlighting historic memorials at Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and the Delaware River. The Lake Erie coastline, peaceful Amish farmlands, and Pittsburgh are showcased as well. Voice-over narration and commentary from national park guides and tourism officials add helpful travel information, while map inserts keep viewers oriented. For potential visitors and students working on state projects."

DVDDAPA REVIEW: Robert Wilson - Teacher/Librarian Magazine
"...This unique and ambitious series of films (Discoveries America) about individual states are valuable tools introducing students to the geography, beauty, culture and diversity of the nation and giving students a balanced view of the nation as a whole.

In Pennsylvania, for example, students travel back in time through the cobbled streets of Philadelphia to visit the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Hall, learn about Amish lifestyles and farms, see covered bridges and visit Pittsburgh, once known for pollution but now vying to become one of the greenest cities in America. Across the Allegheny river they view hundreds of rare and exotic birds at the National Aviary."