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Rodeos, cowboys and the arts and skills of the old west are an intrinsic part of Oklahoma. From traditional family rodeos, barrel racing and bucking machines, it's life in the saddle. Cattle roundups for branding and vaccination bring families and friends together at the River Basin Ranch in Nowata. The world's largest stocker and feeder cattle market at Stockyards City handles the flow of cattle from a dozen states.

In Oklahoma City the National Memorial and Museum is a tribute to the victims, survivors and rescue workers of the bombing at the Arthur P. Murrow Federal Building. With the resurgence of the American Buffalo, there's a new market for the limited, high quality and exotic buffalo hair products many are produced at American Buffalo Products. Chile rellenos are the game for local company Matador Processing where each chile is stuffed by hand!

Former cowboy and military vet turned junk art sculptor, Jim Powers uses scrap metal to create his art ... everything from dinosaurs, camels and flowers to rockets and abstract sculptures. Curiosity, fear and fun are what most people feel at the Apache Rattlesnake Festival where snake handlers walk inside the snake pit with hundreds of "live rattlers", discussing everything from snake biology to safety. In the field, visitor's can even hunt for snakes.

Oklahoma's favorite son, Will Rogers, was a hero to many. His unique blend of common sense, humor and criticism is proudly on display at the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore. At the Will Rogers Wild West Arts Club Expo - 4 days of demonstrations, contests and competitions include trick roping, knife throwing, gun spinning, quick-draw shooting, whip cracking, trick riding and trick shooting.

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