Sunrise Sunset with Steinway Artist Gary Jess

Discoveries America Music

$ 7.95

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Enjoy a constant stream of spectacularly beautiful images of sunrise and sunset complimented by the musical brilliance of Steinway Artist, Gary Jess. Expansive oceans, stellar mountains and quiet deserts create a moving digital tapestry for hours of video and audio enjoyment. Move beyond everyday realities and escape to your own private place where soothing music and visual beauty bring you inner peace and tranquility. Alter your mood with these calming natural images and instrumental artistry. A virtual escape into the splendor of our natural world.

A perfect digital background for home relaxation, reception areas, restaurants, dinner parties, plane/train/vehicle travel, health care facilities and a myriad of other environments and situations. Stunning images from the high definition stock footage library of award winning Discoveries...America producers, Jim and Kelly Watt.

REVIEW: Video Librarian
Featuring stunning images from the high definition stock footage library of award-winning Discoveries America producers Jim and Kelly Watt, the first releases in the new Discoveries America Music series are Discoveries America Music: New England and Discoveries America Music: Sunrise, available on DVD for $24.95 each from Bennett-Watt entertainment.

A perfect digital background for a myriad of environments and situations, the series features music composed and performed by Steinway Artist Gary Jess coupled with footage highlighting the splendor of our natural world. New England includes scenics from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine, showcasing Mount Washington, Yale University, whale watching, cranberry harvest, lobster fishing and lighthouses.  Sunrise Sunset features scenes of expansive oceans, stellar mountains, and quiet deserts.