Life Cycle of the Mayfly with Rene Harrop

Hooked On Fly Tying

$ 9.95

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Rene Harrop... Master fly tier and artist, guides you through each of the six life cycles of the Mayfly. Mayflies are one of the most important aquatic insects to fly fishers and tiers. This video includes special emphasis on the transitional stages of the Mayfly life cycle. Learn to use Cul-De-Canard (CDC)... Small feathers that surround the preen gland of ducks and geese. This delicate but durable material possesses extreme natural buoyancy and flies tied with CDC float well on their own due to the natural oil. Learn to tie: CDC Transitional Nymph, CDC Captive Dun, CDC Emerger, CDC Transitional Dun, CDC Tailwater Dun, and CDC Boit Spinner.