Lakes with Bill Marts

How To Fly Fish

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Lakes are some of the most available waters for fishing and can be a mystery that will sometimes frustrate even the most experienced angler. Instructor Bill Marts, one of the world's foremost fly fishing instructors, unravels the mysteries of lake fishing so that viewers will learn how to become more effective angler in still waters. Topics include: reading water, entomology, choosing the right flies, single person flotation devices, strike detection, fish sighting, equipment, fishing techniques, and how to safely release fish from your line.

DVDLAK REVIEW: How To Fly Fish: Lakes
...features renowned fly fishing instructor Bill Marts, concentrates on the art and science of fishing for trout in lakes. ...Marts explains how to become a more effective angler in still waters as opposed to the moving water found in streams and rivers. Topics include equipment, flotation devices, fish sighting, and strike detection, among others, all serving up useful tips and techniques for catching the wily trout....