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Kentucky is a mosaic of cultures and activities. Whether it's the world's fastest racing thoroughbreds, the finest bourbon, or home run-hitting major league baseball bats. Meet artist Mitchell Tolle, who shares his insights into Kentucky and his own experience growing up there and becoming one of the country's foremost water colorist. Experience one of the world's largest thoroughbred auctions at Keeneland Horse Auction, where it can only take minutes to sell a horse for 5 million dollars or more.

Then, learn what it's like to train and prepare thoroughbreds for racing at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. For more than a century, major league baseball bats have been made in Louisville, home of the Louisville Slugger. Go inside the production facility to see how they are made and view Babe Ruth's original baseball bat. Fine bourbon making is another indigenous art practiced in Kentucky. Take a tour of the Labrot and Graham distillery where it's still made the traditional way, and visit Blue Grass Cooperage one of only two whisky barrel manufacturers in the USA.

In eastern Kentucky natural bridges are the centerpieces for several state parks. The largest is in Carter Cave State Resort Park. Explore Berea, a small tuition-free university town where artists, students and residents alike practice traditional Appalachian arts such as glassmaking, weaving, painting and corn husk doll making. Discover historic Lexington with a charm all its own especially in the older neighborhoods, and visit Woodspring Farm to learn about the equestrian sport of dressage.
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