Discoveries America

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Kansas Wheat Council tour takes researches to study crops. Cessna Aircraft is known as the company that "taught the world to fly". Dodge City a rip-roaring cow town in late 1800's focus on tourism with old cemetery and false front western town. Cattle are still big business and bison are entering the scene at Smoky Hill Bison Co. In the badlands of Kansas, just north of Scott City there's Monument Rocks. Fossil detectives at Keystone Gallery have discovered amazing fossils in this area.

In Cimarron, wheat is used in the "Cow Pie" and "Wheat Nubs", special creations of the Wheat House. Artist Tracy Hett welds brass and steel into creations including his signature piece, "wheat". Abstract roadside art in rural Mullinville, is creation of local character M.T. Liggett. Kansas Underground Salt Mine in Hutchinson, has removed miles of salt and replaced with vault storage and salt museum. Kansas has the OZ Museum in Wamego.

The museum preserves history created forty years before the Hollywood movie. Small city of Sedan, has world's longest yellow brick road. Rawhide artist Jay Adcock makes custom whips, ropes and other items used by working cowboys. Proto-Kaw is reformed version of famous band "Kansas", and on their way after 30 years.

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