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Shopping along Michigan Avenue, an afternoon with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field or a visit to the new Millennium Park these are just a few of the locations visited by the Discoveries America crew as they pass through Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. Take a look inside of Frank Lloyd Wright's home and the surrounding neighborhood of Oak Park where he lived and worked. The Rialto Theater in Joliet is an amazing monument to the vaudeville tradition of the 20s. Almost torn down in the 1970s, it was refurbished to the tune of 6 million dollars including the original organ.

Challenge Park Extreme is a 24-acre park dedicated to extreme sports. The facilities include several different paintball environments, an unusual mountain bike course and a skate park. More than 85% of the buildings in Galena are on the historic register, making it one of the most unique tourist destinations in the state. A trolley ride through town brings visitors to the home of General Grant and other important sites. In rural Illinois, metal artist Bob Cumpston creates delightful sculptures. Zebras, giraffes, llamas and monkeys are just a few of the animals one can find in his yard, and they never need to be fed. The capitol of Springfield is the heart of the land of Lincoln.

Passage through the area includes a visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the beautifully restored state capitol building, historic New Salem and Lincoln's Tomb. America's favorite highway passes right through the middle of Springfield. One of the icons of Route 66's greater glory, Bill Shea's Gas Station and Museum has a unique collection of Route 66 memorabilia. Another Springfield original is Cozy Dog, home of the original hot dog on a stick. In metropolis, Illinois, a giant 15-foot bronze statue of America's favorite super hero watches over the city and the entrance to the Superman Museum. The museum has a 3 million dollar collection of memorabilia celebrating the various incarnations of the man of steel.

(Discoveries America Great Lakes States 6 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Minnesota. Condensed version also available with 6 DVD's in a single case.)

Customer Comments and Reviews

"I just received Discoveries America, Illinois today. After a thorough viewing I must say I am very impressed. I now have the desire to check out some of the places I saw in the DVD that I didn't know existed! I also love the inclusion of the Cozy Dig Drive In."

DVDDAIL REVIEW: Discoveries America, Illinois
"Illinois actually opens with the tried and true: a look at Chicago, the "most American of American cities," home to slightly nutty baseball fanatics, Frank Lloyd Wright's studio, and the beginning of Route 66. But then we're off to less familiar territory; Metropolis, which wraps itself in the Superman mystique; Cozy Dog, where hot dogs on a stick were born; and the backyard of artist Bob Cumpston, who loves to make metal figures of wildly imaginative animals. A well-crafted and highly entertaining profile that is sure to be popular, this is definitely recommended."