Fly Crafter Patterns and Techniques II with Dennis Potter

New Hooked On Fly Tying

$ 9.95

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Dennis Potter has been teaching fly tying for over 25 years and these days is known as the "Pathological Tier". He travels extensively throughout the Midwest with his original"Close-Up Video Tying Theater" conducting patterns and techniques classes and seminars. This DVD magnifies the fly and puts it right in your lap, so the viewer has a perfect perspective of the fly and every tying technique in great detail. Dennis spends most of his angling time at his Riverhouse on the banks of the AuSable "Holy Water".

He enjoys the challenge of chasing trout during the little fly hatches like Tricos (Tiny Black Curse) and BWO's (The Tiny Green Curse). Whiting Farms Pro Team Tier / Schmidt Outfitters Fly Designer Umpqua Feather Merchants Fly Designer / Pathological Tiers, Founder. "Pattern" means nothing without "Technique". It is Dennis Potter's goal that tiers gain a solid understanding of the techniques used in these patterns, many of which are signature flies" created over years of fly design. This is not about speed and numbers. It is about technique, proportion and durability in the final product, a fly that you tied. Robber Fly, Opal X Caddis, Skunk Cricket, I.C. Caddis, Rubber Leg Lightening Bug, Opal Drake, Potter's Drake.