Spain, Mediterranean

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From Roman ruins and ancient castles to modern art and architecture, explore the dynamic coast of Spain. Includes fishing for anchovies, bullfighting lessons, a paella party aboard a canal boat, pueblas blancas, the dramatic city of Ronda, and in Montserrat, Europe's oldest boys choir. (7 DVD collection includes 5% discount: El Corazon, Pilgrim Route, Coastal North, Barcelona, Mediterranean, Southwest, Castles, Cathedrals and Roman Ruins)

DVDHD12 REVIEW: Discoveries Spain, Mediterranean
Spain has long enjoyed a unique geographic position and for centuries has been a crossroads between Europe and North Africa. Boasting a veritable melting pot of peoples and cultural influences, Spain has managed to integrate several different heritages into a beautiful and vibrant society.

Discoveries Spain, Mediterranean takes armchair travelers to places such as Costa Brava, a zone of great Natural Beauty stretching north of Barcelona and filled with steep cliffs, fishing villages, and private coves; Valencia, with its Hispano-Moorish heritage; and Ronda, with its important ruins. Vignettes include fishing for anchovies, bullfighting lessons, and a paella party aboard a boat. This well-made program should appeal to travel and nature buffs, those planning a trip overseas, and students studying the Spanish language.