Discoveries Costa Rica: Volcanos & Waterfalls

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Some of the world’s most magnificent active volcanos and breathtaking waterfalls can be found in Costa Rica.

Of the 60 volcanos in Costa Rica, this program features all 5 that are considered active (and accessible!): Poas, Turrialba, Irazu,  Rincon de la Vieja, and, picture-perfect, cone-shaped Arenal. Today, some volcanos vent hot gasses, ash, and steam, others feed thermal hot springs, sulfurous lagoons, fumaroles, and bubbling mud pots. Rincon de la Vieja experienced an eruption as recent as 2021.

Thousands of waterfalls also adorn Costa Rica’s mountainous terrain.  From those that are only a few meters high to some that seem to never end, they all take your breath away. Some are commercially organized for tours, some are within national parks and others are just along a footpath, remote road, or are not found on any map.

This program features over a dozen waterfalls to give you a sense of the wonder of cascading waters in Costa Rica which draw visitors from all over the world to hike, swim, rappel, photograph, and enjoy.

Featured waterfalls include La Fortuna, La Paz, La Oropendula, La Congreja, Santa Juana / Los Saltos, El Diamante, El Sanctuario, Llanos de Cortes, Nauyaca and the distinctive turquoise blue waterfall of Rio Celeste.

54 Min.