Discoveries Costa Rica: Ecotourism

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HD39 Discoveries Costa Rica, Ecotourism from Bennett-Watt HD Productions on Vimeo.

Ecotourism Costa Rica is the world’s “Poster Child” when it comes to ecotourism.

Although relatively small in land surface, less than 1% of the entire planet, over 5% of global biodiversity can be found here in Costa Rica. Remarkably, a quarter of its area is made up of protected land with dozens of National Parks, Public and Private Wildlife Refuges and Reserves.

There are more than 500,000 animal and plant species in Costa Rica making the nation one of the 20 most biodiverse countries in the world.

Visiting Costa Rica is all about enjoying the outdoors…hiking, bird watching, wildlife, photography, flora, fauna, cloud forests, coastal areas, dry forests, volcanoes, national parks and private reserves. If you’re looking for adrenaline-laced activities there’s also zip-lining, white water rafting, mountain biking, mountain climbing, parasailing, water skiing, just to name a few of the many environmentally friendly activities you can enjoy.

Bottom line…You can have a fantastic time in Costa Rica with socially responsible travel, personal growth and environmental sustainability.

83 Min.


REVIEW: Video Librarian

This seventh title in the popular Costa Rica travel series showcases the variety of ecotourism accommodations and activities available in the beautiful Central American country boasting 500,000 animal and plant species... While each of these hotels may be a bit different, they all share the same philosophy of protecting the environment, respecting the natural beauty of the region, and allowing tourists to become immersed in nature. Impressive waterfalls, butterfly gardens, zip lines, remote hiking trails, and waterways for kayaking are some of the sites in this program that showcases the natural splendors of Costa Rica.

This is suggested for public library collections serving environmentally conscious travelers and works well for library programming highlighting Central America travel.


REVIEW: Midwest Book Review, The Library DVD Shelf

Discoveries... Costa Rica: Ecotourism is a stunningly beautiful, high-definition video essay about ecologically sustainable tourism in the wondrously biodiverse Central American nation of Costa Rica. Shot on-location at different lodges, wildlife refuges, and national parks, Discoveries... Costa Rica: Ecotourism is the next best thing to personally birdwatching, hiking, ziplining, or dining on freshly-farmed food in Costa Rica. A joy for nature lovers, and an excellent inspiration for anyone planning an international vacation.

Discoveries... Costa Rica: Ecotourism is highly recommended for both personal and public library DVD collections. It should be noted that Discoveries... Costa Rica: Ecotourism is also available as a digital download ($9.95). 83 min.