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California is a vast vertical expanse of geography and the longest state in the union. Over 700 miles in length covering an extremely diverse geography and climate with high and low desert, beautiful beaches, punctuated by redwood and giant sequoia timber stands in proportions found nowhere else in North America.  Exciting cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego compliment smaller communities of Eureka, Napa, Monterey and Bishop. Eureka has nearby Humbolt State Park with towering redwood forests. In Napa, Bourassa Vineyards and Cooking with Julie.

Monterey's jewel is Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bishop is very proud of its murals. Nearby skiing at Mammoth Mountain, rugged desert in Death Valley and surfing along the coast are all part of the great California experience.

One of a kind attractions like Sea World Adventure Park, Legoland California, Hollywood and even the Orange County Market Place draw millions of visitors from around the world to California.  Special people like BMX pro rider Shawn White and the San Diego Highwayman, Thomas Weller confirm that interesting and good-hearted people can be found everywhere! Bonus Feature: A special video treat, an evening "Cooking with Julie." Homemade pasta and chocolate truffles...Yum!

(Discoveries America Pacific Coast States 5 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii. Condensed version also available with 5 DVD's in a single case.)

DVDDACA REVIEW: Discoveries America, California
California, which boasts a GNP bigger than that of most countries, is the subject here. With its geographic opposites - from Death Valley (the lowest point in the nation at 282 ft. below sea level) to Mt. Whitney (at 14,491 ft., the highest peak in the lower 48 states) - and over 800 miles of coastline, the diverse West coast jewel is also home to some of the globe's oldest and largest living things, including the giant sequoia.

Viewers travel all over California, visiting San Francisco's Bay Area, Napa Valley's wine country, and Monterey's outstanding aquarium, as well as inland sights such as the rugged High Sierras and the salt flats of Death Valley.

In addition, the program stops by a local auto show (where a sexy little red sports car can cruise at 130 mph and it's all electric), checks out Orange County's public market, visits Legoland, and swings by San Diego's Sea World, to name just a few of the attractions covered here. Recommended."