Biot Series with Bill Heckel

New Hooked On Fly Tying

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The techniques demonstrated in this program are peculiar to tying the Biot Series. These techniques are based on a solid understanding of the history of the techniques and use of materials handed down over the years.  These patterns and techniques were developed by Bill Heckel in the early 1970's and the intent is to share the techniques required to execute them. Bill hopes you will enjoy tying and fishing these flies as much as he has had developing and fishing them.

Bill Heckel has been tying flies for over 50 years and teaching for over 35. He started tying for the Federation of Fly Fishers regional and International Conclaves in the early 1970's and has tied for the British Fly Fair International. The Buz Buszak Memorial Fly Tying Award was given to Bill Heckel, which is the highest award available to any tier. Biot Nymph, Transitional Dun/Biot Emerger, Biot Dun, Tailing Schedule, Biot Spinner"