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Discoveries America Special Edition

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Discoveries America, Special Edition focuses on an extraordinary element of American culture. Talented people, interesting places and unusual things. Producers Jim and Kelly Watt introduce you to gifted metal sculptors they encountered while filming the award winning "Discoveries America" DVD and Television series. 

Metal sculptor profiles include the following features: 

  • Tracy Hett, deftly welds and shapes brass, copper and steel into windmills, wheat, sunflowers and "anything to do with Kansas." (KS)
  • M.T. Liggett, is a roadside artist, who uses junked farm machinery, car parts, road signs and railroad equipment for his artistic expressions (KS)
  • Polich Tallix Foundry, can cast monumental sculpture up to 46 feet high indoors as well as conservation and restoration services. (NY)
  • Valley Bronze, takes pride in producing art of ferric metals and precious metals as well as bronze and aluminum. (OR)
  • Robert Cumpston, is a scrap sculptor, gave up farming for art and welds pieces of old farm machinery into life-size sculptures of animals. (IL)
  • Jim Powers, is a junk art sculptor and creates giant insects, buffaloes, life-size elephants, dinosaurs all out of scrap metal from junk cars. (OK)