Discoveries America

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Explore the Grand Canyon, the Navajo Nation and Monument Valley Tribal Park, the Canyon de Chelly with ancient Anasazi ruins dating back almost a thousand years, Saguaro National Monument, Petrified Forest National Monument, the Colorado River and Lake Havasu.

Experience a spectacular ballooning trip across the great Sonoran Desert at sunrise. Discover a Mariachi festival in Tucson, the OK Corral in Tombstone and the White Dove of the Desert at Mission San Javier del Bac. Follow a park ranger as he describes desert wildlife and plants, visit Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti and Cosanti, a unique experimental desert urban laboratory, and meet with Navajo weavers as they create beautiful native tapestries.

(Discoveries America Desert States 4 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Condensed version also available with 4 DVD's in a single case.)