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80 million year old clues challenge modern day dinosaur detectives who search the badlands of Argentina's Northern Patagonia region in their attempt to solve ancient mysteries. Segments include interviews with paleontologists, biologists and geologists as they discover a major Sauropod nesting site with fossilized eggs and shells proving that these huge dinosaurs were actually hatched from eggs. 

Other discoveries include active dinosaur digs uncovering fossilized dinosaur tracks along the shoreline of a small lake near El Chacon, and fossilized skeleton remains found in the region of La Buitrera, of what is believed to be the largest creature to walk the earth.

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DVDHD4 REVIEW: Discoveries America Argentina: Dinosaurs
This "bare bones" title takes the viewer on a journey to the Argentinean badlands of Patagonia where Drs. Rudolfo Coria, Jorge Calvo, Rachael Rao, Luis Chiappe, and Carlos Munoz share startling discoveries.

At Aca Mahuida, teams found the plains littered with fossilized egg shells, which further exploration revealed to be the world's largest known dinosaur nesting ground. Here, scientists not only discovered fossilized embryos enabling them to identify the dinosaurs as Titanosauruses, they also were able to learn more about the dinosaur skin, growth patterns and mating habits.

Other sites featured here include Rincon de los Sauces, La Buitrera, and El Chacon, where paleontologists have stumbled upon a highway of dinosaur footprints and the skeleton of Gigantosaurus, the largest carnivore presently known (an estimated 145 feet in length). At the various dig sites, paleontologists explain how these 80-million-year-old clues are combined to create a pre-historic portrait of the mighty lizards.

While the graphics are not as flashy as you'd find in the Walking With Dinosaurs titles, the excellent content combined with the opportunity to witness up close on-site exploration more than compensates (not to mention the fact that very few other titles focus on international dig sites). Extra features include "The Tiniest Giants" exhibit tour by Dr. Luis Chiappe at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in California, where he discusses the findings at the Aca Mahuida nesting grounds. Sure to be popular, this is highly recommended.

DVDHD4 REVIEW: Discoveries America Argentina: Dinosaurs

...looks at paleontological research in Argentina and features several working digs...viewers do get an excellent feel for the work of paleontologists.

DVDHD4 REVIEW: Discoveries America Argentina: Dinosaurs
Dinosaur fossils collected at 4 localities in Patagonia by Dr. Luis Chiappe and his associates are the focus of this interesting video. After reading Chiappe's (with L. Dingus) recent book "Walking On Eggs", a SB&F Best Book of 2001 selection for junior high and high schools, this film should provide educational reinforcement for students and increased comprehension to others being introduced to the methods of dinosaur paleontology.

The first location visited is the Auca Mahuida research area, where scientists are filmed unearthing large numbers of sauropod eggs, clusters, nests, and embryos. At the Rincon de Sauces locality, the video shows Argentine university scientists working and dinosaur bones being excavated and prepared in the laboratory for study and exhibition.

At the El Chacon outcrops, field scientists demonstrate how delicate vertebrate bones are preserved in "field jackets" of chicken wire, newspaper, and plaster for safe shipping and how dinosaur tracks are analyzed and interpreted. Additionally there is a segment showing exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, with which Dr. Chiappe is affiliated, that are based on the field collections shown in this film.

DVDHD4 REVIEW: Discoveries America Argentina: Dinosaurs
In the harsh badlands, or Patagonia, region of Argentina, paleontologists have made recent spectacular discoveries of dinosaurs. This program documents their efforts to uncover, transport, study, and display these unusually well-preserved finds. Set to a pleasant background of guitar music, an adult male narrator describes their work as images and live-action footage depict the actual digs, museum exhibits, and preservation procedures.

Several interviews with the scientists provide more information about the specific work involved. Most fascinating were the discoveries of huge dinosaur egg nests and the accidental discovery by an auto mechanic and amateur dinosaur detective of what may be the largest dinosaur ever.

Depicting both male and female scientists, this beautifully filmed documentary accurately portrays the painstaking detail involved in researching dinosaurs. Students will gain a thorough understanding of these particular digs and will also appreciate the realistic work environment of paleontologists and their assistants. Extra segments in this easy-to-navigate program include a tour of the Tiniest Giant exhibit of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

Although the amount of detailed information may prove cumbersome for a single class session, there is enough in this comprehensive documentary to make it useful for science, career, or even Spanish classes. Gr and Up