Alaska Rainbows

Fly Fishing Adventure

$ 9.95

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Alaska is one of those great fishing and hunting destinations that we all dream of visiting. Wildlife that is unparalleled anywhere else in the United States and few places in the world. Fish populations that are diverse. Did we mention plentiful and large? The Rainbow trout in Alaska gain a signifiant percentage of their weight going into fall feeding on the eggs of the various anadromous fish (huge runs of wild salmon) that move through Alaska's pristine streams.

Five and six pound rainbows are not uncommon, punctuated by 8+ pound "bows" that fight like there is no tomorrow. There are many fishing lodges in Alaska. This program focuses on Katmai, Illiaska, and No See Um lodges which fish the American, Kvichak, Copper, Alagnak and Brooks rivers, all with experienced Alaska guides.

Stay in comfort in the midst of the wilderness with a morning or afternoon encounter with a grizzly or moose or eagle often in the cards. Featured icons of Alaska, Fly fishing outfitters Tony Sarp, Jack Holman and Ted Gerken fishing the Alagnak River, Illiamna fishery, Bristol Bay region, Kvichak River and The American River.