Argentina, Nature's Spectacle

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From Iguazu Falls and the Ibera Marsh in the subtropical north to Peninsula Valdes in the Patagonia region you can experience the land of hundreds of bird species, monkeys, rheas, guanacos, Burrowing Owls, Orca Whales, Megellanic Penguins, Sea Lions, and Elephant Seals.

(Discoveries Argentina 4 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Dinosaurs, Nature's Spectacle, Golden Dorado and Life in the North, Patagonia)

DVDHD5 REVIEW: Discoveries America Argentina: Nature's Spectacle
Offering a leisurely journey through the spectacular environment of Argentina, while emphasizing environmental preservation and protection, Discoveries America Argentina, Nature's Spectacle takes the viewer on a lovely trip from the subtropical northern lands in Patagonia to the Argentine coast, and on to the Ibera Marsh and the stunning Iguazu falls.

Along the way, excellent cinematography showcases Orca whales, sea lions, Magellan penguins, elephant seals, guanacos, rheas, and numerous species of birds. The 10 -minute longer DVD version, especially, will delight any nature lover with its lush images of flaming sunsets, chocolate-brown water flowing over falls, and brightly plumed flamingos and toucans foraging in a beautiful landscape, all set to a sumptuous music track. Highly recommended.