Discoveries Costa Rica: An Enduring Past

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HD41 Enduring Past from Bennett-Watt HD Productions on Vimeo.

An Enduring Past

Although Costa Rica is a country most well-known for its eco-tourism opportunities, there is a rich history behind all the nature and adventure.

Archaeological legacies are preserved at pre-Columbian communities. World Heritage Site Finca 6, is representative of the pre-Columbian chieftain settlements with spheres of Diquís stone. Guayabo National Monument, nestled high up on the slopes of Volcan Turrialba, challenge researchers to discover the secrets of their remarkably well developed artisanal and engineering skills.

In the Capitol of San Jose, ancient jade and pottery are curated and displayed in some of the world’s largest collections of pre-Columbian artifacts. Nearby, some of the country’s most spectacular ecclesiastic architecture and a look at the train history of Costa Rica.

Ancient sites and ruins:

Guayabo National Monument Finca 6 Stone Spheres in situ




Duran Sanitorium Historic Museum La Casona - The William Walker story

San Jose features:

Pre-Columbian exhibits at National Museum & Jade Museum

National Theater

Central Market (est 1880)

Past and present rail influences country wide.


54 Min.