Argentina, Golden Dorado

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Golden Dorado and Life in the North provides an exciting experience in following the catch-and-release pursuit the Golden Dorado known for its ferocious behavior, with sizes ranging from a few pounds to over 60 pounds. Viewers also gain a fascinating glimpse of rural life in Northern Argentina, with video essays on the gauchos of Corrientes as they heard their cattle, the city of Salta, strolling the local markets of Jujuy, exploring Posadas, Itati and the ruins of San Ignacio Mini (the world's largest domed basilica - second only to the Vatican), meeting with a village furniture maker in Machagay, and experiencing the unique grace, colors and artistry of the Argentine original dance- the Tango- in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.

(Discoveries Argentina 4 DVD collection includes 5% discount: Dinosaurs, Nature's Spectacle, Golden Dorado and Life in the North, Patagonia)

Discoveries America Argentina: Golden Dorado and Life In the NorthMention "Argentina" and visions of gauchos, Buenos Aires, and Evita will probably come to mind before the "Golden Dorado," which is not a euphemism for that shiny mineral sought by Cortez and other Spanish explorers, but rather a ferocious fighting fish that challenges the best of anglers.

In this program from the award-winning filmmaking team of Jim and Kelly Watt, viewers will not only see the Golden Dorado, but much more of the largely rural landscape of northern Argentina, as well as the bustling marketplace in Jujuy, the gauchos of Corrientes, the ruins of San Ignacio Mini, and the church in Itati that is crowned by the second largest domed basilica after St. Peter's in the Vatican.

In addition, viewers will embark on a gastronomical tour of some of Argentina's finest restaurants, and witness the sensuous movements of the tango in Buenos Aires. Recorded in a widescreen digital high definition format, and backed with Dolby stereo, this latest entry in Bennett-Watt's Discoveries America Argentina series (which includes Discoveries America Argentina: Dinosaurs (VL-5/02) and Discoveries America Argentina: Nature's Spectacle (VL-9/02) is a lovely, engaging program that is sure to be a popular addition to library travel collections. Definitely recommended.