Summer Low Water Steelhead Flies with Justin Miller

New Hooked On Fly Tying

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Justin Miller is a steelhead guide from Northern California and enjoys fly fishing for anything that swims, but steelhead monopolize most of his time and energy. The mystique of this fish and the beautiful places they exist, keep Justin focused on them for most of the year. Having searched for these fish from southern Alaska and northern British Columbia, all the way to the San Francisco Bay, and every where he can find them in between.

Justin prefers the traditional down stream swing, and the flies that are used with this method. This DVD will focus on the low water, or summer flies. These are fished in clearer water when the temperature is not as cold. The flies are typically much smaller than winter flies and the fish are willing to move farther for them. We will tie a surface fly, or skater, and a couple of traditional style wet flies. Both of these should be presented on a floating line.