Greased Line Steelhead Flies with Harry Lemire

New Hooked On Fly Tying

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Harry Lemire, is a member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Tying Guild and the Washington State Steelhead Flyfishers. Harry has been tying flies for 70 years and has influenced steelhead and salmon fly fishers with his innovative ideas of flies and fly presentation. His most recent recognition has been his "In-Hand" fly tying (using no vice) of full dress Atlantic Salmon Patterns featured in the New Hooked On Fly Tying DVDs Volumes 35 and 36. In 1962, Harry Lemire originated the"Grease Liner", which is the grandfather of all fall steelhead waking flies and the inspiration behind many caddis patterns.

Unlike many fly tyers that develop steelhead and salmon patterns based on artistic flare, Harry always designed and fished his flies as a natural living creature. His fly patterns incorporate fur, feather and hair but none of the space-age flash materials and synthetics that dominate most fly boxes today. "At the age of 6, I started showing a lot of interest in fishing gear. As time went by I went fishing more, tied better flies and caught more fish. With Steelhead becoming my real passion for the last 50 years I have fished many rivers in Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and California and enjoy teaching others to tie my favorite Grease Line Steelhead Flies" Harry Lemire. Harry shows how to tie: Fall Caddis, Grease Liner and Fall Caddis Nymph.