Keith Fulsher's Thunder Cr. (Baitfish) Streamers with G.S. Stack Scoville Jr.

New Hooked On Fly Tying

$ 9.95

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The purpose of the Thunder Creek Streamer program is to give the tyer the information and instruction to tie the Thunder Creek style of streamers. These streamers were developed by Keith Fulsher in the early 1960's and truly represent a revolutionary style of tying in that they are designed to "match the hatch" of local baitfish. No other style(s) of streamers do this with the consistency of the Thunder Creek series. The style of tying lends itself to imitating baitfish in the fisherman's local waters.

The tyer with just a modest amount of tying skill can create exceptional streamers for use anywhere big fish eat smaller fish. G. S. "Stack" Scoville, Jr. started tying flies in his early 20's. His passion in tying is Victorian-style Atlantic salmon flies. He is an interventional cardiologist, practicing in Nashville, Tennessee. When not working, he does a little fishing and fly tying as time permits. Emerald Shiner (Notropis Atherinoides), Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus Dolomieu), Black Nosed Dace (Rhynichthys Atratulus), Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss), Smelt (Osmerus Mordax), Bunker (Brevoortia Tyrannus)