Inshore Flats Patterns with Oscar Feliu

New Hooked On Fly Tying

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The four flies tied in this program will allow you to target game fish from subsurface to bottom feeders. The patterns represent food organisms readily available to inshore game fish. Since home waters are very diverse, we will concentrate on using fly tying materials with characteristics that stimulate predatory instincts of the fish species you seek. These patterns should work in clear or murky waters. Perhaps most important are the techniques used to create the flies which you can apply to many others patterns of your own.

Please note: Your home waters will determine the most productive color combinations. Be inventive and think outside the box!!!

Oscar Feliu a Chile native, came to the USA in 1969 and soon after became a fly fisher and fly tyer in America. As an entomology student he conducted aquatic studies in several Michigan rivers, his home of twenty years. His innovative fly patterns became well known throughout the Great Lakes region and were the subject of several newspaper and magazine articles.

Oscar subscribes to the "True to Life" style of fly tying. He's been a member of Trout Unlimited and The Federation of Fly Fishers for over three decades and has presented workshops for FFF International Conclave, demonstrations and classes in Canada, Italy, and throughout United States for the past 30 years. Oscar currently lives in Central Florida and continues to produce new fly patterns for trout, bass and salt water. Estaz Collard Tarpon Fly, Homosassa Deceiver, Buz's Shrimp, Oscar's Eel