YELLOWSTONE, Dual Personalities in Spring & Winter

Discoveries America National Parks

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Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Yellowstone National Park in both spring and winter with "Discoveries...America, National Parks: Yellowstone Dual Personalities in Spring & Winter." This premier edition of the Discoveries...America National Park series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the world's first national park, nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Delve into the rich history and natural splendor of Yellowstone, established in 1872 and boasting an abundance of wildlife. Immerse yourself in a realm teeming with diverse species, from majestic grizzly bears and elusive wolves to iconic bison and graceful elk. Witness the park's dual personalities as you explore its wonders in both spring and winter.

In spring, witness the prime calving season and indulge in thrilling wildlife sightings. Access the park's stunning canyons, engage in fishing, camping, backcountry hiking, horse riding, and boating, all conveniently reached by paved roads. Marvel at the majestic geysers, including the world-famous Old Faithful, and behold the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Winter transforms Yellowstone into a magical wonderland, where most roads are closed to wheeled vehicles. Traverse the snowy landscape aboard snow machines, snow coaches, or embark on cross-country skiing and snowshoeing adventures. Encounter the same majestic wildlife and breathtaking vistas while relishing the added thrill and enchantment of the winter season. Venture to the North Entrance, the sole open park road in winter, and explore the unique ecosystem encompassing Mammoth Hot Springs, the Lamar Valley, and Cooke City, Montana.

Prepare to be captivated by the sheer diversity and magnificence of this extraordinary destination. "Discoveries...America, National Parks: Yellowstone Dual Personalities in Spring & Winter" is part of an esteemed collection of video essays celebrating the National Park Service and their mission to safeguard America's remarkable resources.
Beyond the renowned national parks, this series encompasses National Monuments, Preserves, Historical Parks, Historic Sites, Battlefield Parks, Military Parks, Battlefields, Battlefield Sites, Memorials, Recreation Areas, Seashores, Lakeshores, Rivers, Reserves, Parkways, Historic & Scenic Trails, Cemeteries, and Heritage Areas.

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey through Yellowstone's contrasting seasons and immerse yourself in the splendors of one of the world's most treasured natural wonders with "Discoveries...America, National Parks: Yellowstone Dual Personalities in Spring & Winter.”

Running time: 60 minutes

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REVIEW: Video Librarian 
Discoveries America: National Parks,Yellowstone (2012) 60 min. DVD or Blu-ray: $24.95. Bennett-Watt HD Productions. PPR. ISBN: 978-1-60490-159-7 (dvd), 978-1-60490-182-5 (blu-ray).This high-definition-filmed entry from Bennett-Watt's Discoveries America: National Parks series captures the beauty of Yellowstone, America's oldest national park"during spring and winter, focusing on the splendors of well-known sights such as the geyser Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, as well as the abundant wildlife, including bison, grizzly bears, wolves, and elk.

Archival photographs, contemporary footage, narration, and park ranger commentary combine to tell the story from Yellowstone's founding in 1872 (when portions of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming were set aside) up through the present day, with as many as 3 million visitors coming to the sprawling site each year.

Interesting tidbits (bison are capable of running as fast as a horse for short distances, the historic Old Faithful Inn is the largest log hotel in the United States, etc.) are sprinkled throughout, and some unique aspects of tourism at Yellowstone are mentioned, such as cars lined up due to "bear jams" when the animals amble across a road.

Not surprisingly, striking contrasts are seen between the two seasons filmed here, with spring revealing a green landscape and activities such as bison calving, while winter finds deep snows blanketing the area, limiting human access, except for those traveling via snowshoes, cross-country skis, snowmobiles, or "snow coaches." As with other entries in the Discoveries collection, the videography is superb throughout. Recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)

REVIEW: The Midwest Book Review
Available on both DVD and Blu-ray (for the same affordable price!), four new additions to the Discoveries... America National Parks series offer wonderful armchair travel experiences in glorious high definition. "Arches: Canyonlands and Natural Bridges" (9781604901610) explores the striking rock formations of southern Utah, canyonlands carved by the Colorado River, natural stone bridges, and even an excursion by adventurous rock-crawling enthusiasts. "New Orleans Jazz and Acadian Culture: Jean Lafitte, Creole Natural Trail, Natchitoches and Rural Mardi Gras" (9781604901627) is the next best thing to a personal visit the National Historical Park in New Orleans' French Quarter, a rural Mardi Gras run, the Prairie Acadian Culture Center in Eunice, coastal wetlands and wildlife refuges of the Creole Nature Trail, and Natchitoches, Louisiana's oldest town.

"Yellowstone Dual Personalities: Spring and Winter" (9781604901597) allows the viewer to viscerally experience the magnificence of Yellowstone National Park, from its abundant wildlife to its steaming geysers, its opportunities for boating/hiking/horse riding, and its dramatic transformation in winter to an icy wonderland where the primary modes of travel are snow machine, snow coach, or cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. "Dry Tortugas: Fort Jefferson and The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center" (9781604901603) explores one of America's lesser-known and geographically removed national parks, the Dry Tortugas, located just off the southernmost tip of Florida.

Its strategic location made it historical site of military and piracy legends; Fort Jefferson once oversaw Spanish explorers, Gulf Coast merchants, and more people who transformed the New World. The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is also featured, with an eye-opening glimpse of the beautiful terrestrial and marine native plants and animals of the Keys. All four DVDs are as captivating as they are educational, and worthy of the highest recommendation especially for public library collections.