Ireland, The Emerald Isle

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Viewers experience: Irish dance with the Bru Boru dance troupe, castles and cathedrals of Dublin, beautiful countrysides with ancient ruins, experience local horse racing and other favorite community sports and entertainment activities, explore the historic inland waterways and learn about the ancient construction of the canal ways, locks and bridges, meet with locks keepers and barge owners, visit Irish Pubs, the city of Dublin, historic Clonmel, Hoare Abbey, meet Irish farmers, visit quaint farm houses and a livestock auction, learn about cheese making and organic farming, visit Rock of Cashel, ancient ruins, and much more.

(Discoveries Ireland 3 DVD/Blu-ray collection includes 5% discount: The Emerald Isle, A Mystical Journey, A Celtic Treasure... Discoveries Ireland 5 DVD/Blu-ray collection includes 5% discount: The Emerald Isle, A Mystical Journey, A Celtic Treasure, Castles and Historic Treasures, Music and Dance A Rich Culture)

DVDHD1 REVIEW: Discoveries...Ireland: The Emerald Isle
"Faith and begorah, Ireland has changed since wee Frankie McCourt went looking for his dad in the pubs each evening and toiled away at odd jobs for a crust of bread, don't you know? 'Tis true: the Irish Formerly Known as Shanty Poor now live in a country that boasts the second largest GNP in Europe.

The Emerald Isle, one of three DVD titles in the Discoveries...Ireland series--a high-definition travelogue visiting places scattered throughout the verdant island's 32 counties north and south--opens with an informative look at Dublin (rich in history, culture, and drinking establishments) and its landmarks, such as Trinity College and Christ Church Cathedral.

Other sights include a detailed overview of Ireland's impressive country-crossing waterway system (which predates the Panama Canal), currently back in vogue amongst locals and visitors; a visit to St. Patrick's Rock; a wonderful three-minute clip of genuine Irish dancing; a trip to an auction in Dungarvin; a day at the horse races, and much more. Narrated by Irish voice-over artist Arthur Riordan, and very nicely filmed by Jim and Kelly Watt, this absolutely gorgeous-looking DVD, and its companion volumes A Mystical Journey and A Celtic Treasure, are highly recommended and will be a boon to patrons starving for new travel programs."