Ireland, Music & Dance, A Rich Culture

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Irish traditions are celebrated with passion and energy in a land where music and dance is as much a part of the culture as shamrocks and leprechauns. The pub lies at the heart of cultural, social and musical life in Ireland. Here you can contemplate the meaning of life, ruminate on politics, listen to a poetry reading, tap your feet to an impromptu session, feast on pub grub or just enjoy the quiet setting of a pint of Guinness in front of a warm fire. As early as the 10th Century B.C. there are documents referring to Irish music, which consisted mainly of the harp and small drums. Through the ages more instruments and styles became part of Irish music tradition.

For many folks the only form of entertainment was what they could create for themselves. A group would gather in the kitchen (the usual gathering spot!) and using brooms, spoons, a piece of wood or skin drum and with their voices create lively entertainment of dancing, clogging and song. The residents of Rathcairn Village in County Meath, one of the few remaining Irish language enclaves where people actually conduct their daily business in Irish, perform on stage to educate and keep the Gaelic traditions and native language alive.

In Northwest Ireland, music festivals are everywhere! An extraordinary way to spend the summer moving from one festival to another with a stop in a pub for a pint and more music. This 5th episode of Discoveries Ireland begins in Kilrush at Mrs Crotty's music festival then travels around the country to sample a wide variety of great Irish music and dance. From single players or small groups on the streets and cafes to scenic attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, to larger performances like Bru Boru who have given Irish traditional music, song and dance a whole new stature in the world of entertainment.’«

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