India, Land of the Maharajas

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Perhaps the most colorful region in India, Rajasthan is a land graced with impenetrable forts, spectacular palaces and waves of sand dunes and serene lakes. This region represents a mystique unequaled in the world for its amazing diversity in heritage, culture and desert expanse. People, customs, costumes, cuisine, dialects and music all create a huge open-air museum. The Pink City of Jaipur is best known for it's City Palace Complex which includes Jantar Mantar, a collection of astronomical instruments chiseled out of stone and marble between 1727-1733 and to this day still gives extremely accurate information.

The nearby Amber Fort displays flawless beauty built in 1592 in white marble and red sandstone and is best accessed by royal elephant ride up to a commanding view of the surrounding area. The artistry created by Indian hands is visible in ancient handicrafts. Hand block printing is a traditional form of placing motifs and colour on fabric using carved wooden blocks soaked in vegetable dyes. Exotic Indian carpets and rugs carry the legacy that started long before the days of the Empire. Unmatched quality and interesting designs make these hand woven creations a delight to behold.

Rajasthan is an unrivaled center for cut and polished gem jewelry and Jaipur is the world's largest gem cutting center. Also known as The City of Lakes, Udaipur may quite possibly be considered Rajasthan's most romantic city and is also known for its famed miniature paintings and Jagdish Temple. Manvar Tent Camp, located just 2 hours drive from Jodhpur in the great Indian Thar Desert is a rare sanctuary of pristine beauty, tranquility and peace, best experienced on camelback. (Discoveries India 3 DVD/Blu-ray collection includes 5% discount: The Golden Triangle, Land of the Maharajas, Rural Treasures)