Gourmet Food Preservation with Chef Tom Small

Dare To Cook

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Have you ever walked into a gourmet food store and marveled at all the specialty items on the shelves? Now you can preserve those delicious foods for a fraction of the cost at home! Renowned Seattle Chef Tom Small provides step-by-step canning instruction using several methods; water bath processing, pickling, preservation in oil and alcohol, vinegars, freezing and dairy. This program is filled with valuable information you need for safely preserving gourmet delicacies in your own kitchen. Tom received his inspiration for cooking from his mom.

He has a diverse culinary background including education, development and journalism in addition to his management in restaurant kitchens. He teaches a number of cooking classes and writes frequent culinary articles. He has a passion for local and seasonal products as well as a firm foundation in technique and classical cuisine. Message from Chef Small: I enjoy cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients to try and use as much local produce and meat as possible. I believe that food can be simple, and still taste amazing.

I love to talk and learn about food, whether it's with friends, customers, strangers in the grocery store, my family (even my young children) . . . it's just part of my life. I hope that I am able to share some of this passion with you through these DVD's so that you may be inspired to cook and create for yourself, your family and friends. Learn Gourmet Food Preservation while making:

PICKLED VEGETABLES (beans, jalapeños, carrots, bread and butter zucchini pickles, mushrooms, pickled beets, dill pickle spears, sweet pickles, beet pickled eggs and relish)

DAIRY (homemade yogurt and creme friche)

PRESERVING IN OIL (grilled vegetables, feta)

FREEZING (strawberries, apples, green beans)

PRESERVING IN ALCOHOL (tangerines in vodka, blackberries in bourbon), VINEGARS (raspberry, rosemary and garlic). 88 minutes.

REVIEW: The Midwest Book Review
Hosted by professional gourmet chef Tom Small, the "Dare To Cook" series of DVDs offers easy-to-follow lessons for cooks of all skill and experience levels. Techniques are meticulously demonstrated, with meticulous instructions. "Gourmet Food Preservation" (9781604900743) covers pickled vegetables, dairy concerns, preserving in oil, freezing, preserving in alcohol, and vinegars; "Canning Basics" (9781604900736) covers water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing, and safety concerns;

"Thanksgiving Ready to Serve in 5 1/2 Hours" (9781604900774) covers a wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques to conserving time while preparing a culinary feast; "Seafood Basics" (9781604900767) covers cooking with shellfish, fish, sauces, beer batter and breading mixes, grilling/smoking, and more; and "Barbecue and Grilling" (9781604900750) covers rubs, sauces, four ways to barbecue pork sirloin, two ways to barbecue pork loin, grilling, smoked brisket, and chicken in marinade.

All the DVDs in the series are region free, and worthy of the highest recommendation for aspiring and practicing cooks, as well as for public library "how-to" DVD collections!