Discoveries Vietnam, Rice Baskets To World Heritage (Blu-ray)


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This is the second of three programs in the Discoveries Vietnam series and visits farmers during rice harvest telling the compelling story of how this country has transformed in recent years from famine to feast. Experience many different kinds of markets... produce, fish, dry goods and even floating markets! Journey back in time to the Unesco World Heritage Sites of 16-17th century Hoi An, 4th-13th century religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom, My Son and former capital (until 1945), and the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual center of Vietnam, Hue with it's distinctive Citadel. Experience the drama and spectacle ancient tombs and pagodas.

Hard working farmers take a moment from their back breaking labor to sing songs and talk about the harvest, an illustration of just how happy are the farmers in the 21st century compared to the days of near famine under collective farming rules imposed by the communist government in 1972. One woman clearly has a song in her heart.

A bright and witty young guide in Bac Ha gives a personal tour of rice fields where she grew up and to the remote mountain village of Can Cau for a weekly market. A unique experience since nearly everyone there belongs to one of the minority Mong tribes who are a remarkable contrast to their '"Viet" countrymen. From the 10,000 foot mountains in the north, south to sea level in the Delta, this is another odyssey around and through Vietnam that will leave unforgettable images of a kind and smiling people in a country that is emerging as a real gem in the western Pacific.