Chocolate, Colorful Creative Molding Techniques with Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks

Dare To Cook

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The Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks follows up on his "Basic Truffles" program by teaching you more advanced molding and decorating techniques for coloring, flavoring, airbrushing, painting, texturizing and using transfer papers.  This "Colorful and Creative Molding Techniques" program will be enjoyed more fully by having a good understanding of how to temper chocolate. Bill has another program called "Tempering" to help you do just that!

Learn to make coronets and lines, use white chocolate accents, cocoa butter color accents, air brush techniques, transfer sheet variations, molding of both white and dark chocolate, cleanup, ganache and finally sealing truffles. Be prepared to be inspired to create all sorts of innovative molded chocolates. Known as the Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks has owned and operated, a chocolate supply business, for the last 20 years.

He is an internationally trained chocolate chef, instructor and past corporate chef for Choc Elan, LLC. Bill has been instructing, consulting, and working as a private chef for over 20 years. He is a member of AACT American Association of Candy Technologists, IACP International Association of Culinary Professionals, FCIA Fine Chocolate Industry Association and President of the NW Chocolatiers Guild.

Fredericks' career in chocolate started with his wife a little more than 20 years ago. She was anxious to make some fancy desserts and had her mind set on truffles. He made some for her using chocolate chips. Discovering that chocolate chips don't make the best truffles, he began experimenting using different types of chocolate. With degrees in both chemistry and geology he says, "My background in science really helps me to understand what chocolate does and how to get it to do what I want it to do. 154 minutes.

REVIEW: The Midwest Book Review
"Chocolate Man" Bill Fredericks hosts Dare to Cook Chocolate ... explores the remarkable joy crafting chocolate candies by hand. "Basic Truffles" (9781604900637) walks viewers through techniques for dipping, molding, and creating ganaches for delicious, professional-quality truffles, and "Molding Techniques" (9781604900644) lives up to its title with a step-by-step walkthrough of molding and sealing gourmet-quality truffles.

Dare to Cook Chocolate features hands-on demonstrations that viewers of all skill and experience levels can follow step by step, and deserves the highest recommendation as a supplement to prospective dessert chefs of all walks of life, from ordinary chocolate lovers to gourmet chefs.

REVIEW: Video Librarian
Dare to Cook-Chocolate: Colorful and Creative Molding Techniques (2011) 2 discs. 154 min. DVD or Blu-ray: $34.95. Bennett-Watt HD Productions. ISBN: 978-1-60490-064-4 (dvd)"Chocolate Man" Bill Fredericks is the instructor for this primer on techniques for molding chocolate treats.

In the first of two discs, viewers will learn how to make coronets (using parchment paper), piping lines, and zigzags; use multifaceted molds; create accents with colored cocoa butter (including red, green, and white detailing for a raspberry-styled mold); and airbrush. The second disc looks at the finished products, from refrigeration to filling and then sealing the candies (including creating a ganache filling of fresh citrus zest).

Also offering tips on clean-up (including reusing chocolate so nothing goes to waste and sanitizing the work surface), this should appeal to DIYers with a sweet tooth. Other titles in the series include Basic Truffles, Tempering, and Holiday Confections. Recommended. Aud: P. (J. Williams-Wood)