Africa Tanzania, Southern Serengeti and The Great Migration

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The Serengeti Plain is a vast expanse of east African bush. Over 11,500 square miles and was known as "Maasailand", named by early explorers for the people who lived here with the wild animals in remarkable harmony. Many believed their harmonious relationship was because they didn't eat the wild animals, other than the Eland. The Serengeti National Park / Ngorongoro Conservation Area is arguably the most impressive wildlife sanctuary in the world. The endless plains of east Africa are the setting for the universe's greatest wildlife spectacle. It takes place within Kenya and Tanzania and is also known as "The Great Wildebeest Migration".

1.5 million wildebeest along with 200,000 zebra and gazelle migrate from the vast Serengeti plains to the hills of Kenya's Maasai Mara, migrating in a clockwise fashion over 1,800 miles each year in search of rain ripened grass. Moving with the migration are predators of all shapes and sizes culling the weak. It is January to March when the calving season begins, a time when there is plenty of grass available for the Zebra that precede millions of Wildebeest and the following 100,000 plains game.

Once the calf is born the mother will lick her new-born and within around 10 minutes the calf will be on it's feet, seeking it's mothers udder. The mother may move away at this point which will encourage the calf to follow closely. Survival depends on how well these first few minutes go. If the calf does not get on it's feet in a short amount of time, the mother may abandon it and perpetuate the cycle of survival of the fittest.

Arusha is where many artists congregate for Tanzanian handicrafts. Meet the artists of Makonde Ebony Wood Carving and Tingatinga Painting. In addition to The Great Migration, featured safari wildlife include... The largest predator on the Serengeti plain, the magnificent lion, a large cat that can get up to speeds approaching 40 miles an hour in short distances and can leap 30 feet to catch it's prey. Witness a large pride of lions stalking zebra. Bat-Eared fox are an interesting burrow dwelling animal. Cape buffalo, hyena pups, giraffe, ostrich, Love birds, elephants all roam the Southern Serengeti Plains.

Enjoy a playful family of cheetah cubs and their mom basking in the early morning light. Cheer in excitement for gazelles as they attack a hyena that made the mistake of chasing a baby gazelle. The hyena might think twice before making another attack on this group of plain's dwellers! The East African country of Tanzania is located just south of the Equator. Over 587,000 square miles in area, home of the continents' tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro and more national parks and game preserves than any other wildlife destination in the world.

Enlightened game management, strict regulation on hunting coupled with an excellent infrastructure for tourism and guided by professional guide, Stanford Milinga, makes Tanzania a world-class destination for game viewing photo safaris.

(Discoveries Africa Tanzania 5 DVD/Blu-ray collection includes 5% discount: Arusha and Lake Manyara National Parks, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Southern Serengeti and The Great Migration, Maasailand Epilogue)