Client and Customer Comments

Client Comments:

Hugh Downs
ABC 20/20

In a letter dated August 27, 1998, referring to the North Pole shoot
... "The footage is more than impressive - but your stuff has always been. That spooky shot of the ship in the distant haze moving silently through the frozen seascape... the whole works logged now for posterity when we get it put together in a 20/20 feature that will be remembered more even than the South Pole piece."

Tim Tison
ABC News, March 13, 1994
... In my 15 years at ABC News, working with Jim and Kelly, I will simply say, THEY ARE THE BEST!
I have known Jim since his days at NBC News. He is the most professional, creative, diligent, hard working, technically astute cameraman I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
He and Kelly are great producers. They understand both the editorial and technical aspects of a story. Their equipment is state-of -the-art. They are fierce competitors. They will not get beaten on any assignment.
At any price, you can do no better than Jim and Kelly Watt.

John Nance
Client, Author, Aviation Analyst & Professional Speaker
The best in the business, A classic team of pros!

Shelly Heesacker
Client, Harpo Productions
You really have a knack for lighting places well and getting great shots. I appreciate your talents.

Steve McIntire
ABC Good Morning America
Thank you! It looked GREAT! I feel an Emmy.

Reviews and Viewer Comments:

Discoveries... America

Cyrina Baldwin, Customer Comment:
Dear Kelly, I am so impressed with this series (“Discoveries"), I absolutely love it. I've watched Alabama and Alaska and the places you chose to film are really interesting, like the Coon Cemetary and the Hot springs in Alaska. After watching these States I actually feel as if I went there, these are not like other travel films I have seen, they are so unique, the photography and color and narration all bring to my living room the viseral feeling of the real spirit of the State. You guys are so talented and gifted in what you chose to shot and the places you chose to go. thank you so very much for such an exciting adventure. All schools should really show these films they are so educational and fun.

DVDDAAL REVIEW: Video Librarian Discoveries...America: Alabama
Takes viewers on a visually eye-popping trip deep into ‘The Heart of Dixie’ to visit a state rich in cultural, natural, and social histories.

DVDDADC REVIEW: Video Librarian
Discoveries... America: Washington DC
Washington DC Millions come each year to Washington DC to partake of the wonders on the Mall: the Capitol building, the Washington monument, the Lincoln Memorial, FDR’s park, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (aka, the Wall), and the brand-new WWII Memorial, among others. All are featured in this latest entry from Jim and Kelly Watt’s acclaimed high-definition-shot travel series Discoveries...America, as well as the National Archives, the Holocaust museum, and Museum of the American Indian.

DVDDAFL REVIEW: Video Librarian
Discoveries... America: Florida
Wow, a whole hour displaying the wonders of Florida and not a House of Mouse in sight! Still, there are plenty of other familiar images of the Sunshine State featured in this entry from Jim and Kelly Watt’s fine Discoveries...America series

DVDDAIA VIEWER COMMENT: Tom Wheeler Iowa Department of Economic Development / Iowa Film Office Discoveries…America: Iowa
The footage is great and the show is fantastic. I’ll make sure that the Tourism department gets a good look at it as well as other departments who might have an interest

DVDDAKY REVIEW: Video Librarian Discoveries... America: Kentucky
Rather than skipping across Kentucky offering brief snippets of natural beauty, this video features nearly a dozen segments focusing on places and events that make Kentucky unique among the 50 states. Of course, with horse racing and Kentucky being nearly synonymous, the program features a great section on the raising of thoroughbreds, as well as an in-depth look at the Kentucky Derby, and segments on a horse auction and dressage... The Discoveries…America programs are valuable additions to travel-hungry public library collections, and this intimate look at the 15th state will entertain first-time vacation planners while also pointing out new destinations for frequent visitors. Recommended.

DVDDALA VIEWER COMMENT: Robert Florence, Historic New Orleans Tours
Discoveries... America: Louisiana
I am writing to thank you for the DVD and to tell you that you did a great job with Louisiana. Jim and Kelly Watt did superb work and I really enjoyed it and learned alot. I will spread the word.

DVDDAMA REVIEW: Video Librarian
Discoveries... America: Massachusetts
Combining outstanding cinematography and informative commentary, both of these additions to the Discoveries...America series should prove to be popular. Recommended.

DVDDAPA REVIEW: Teacher / Librarian Magazine
Discoveries... America: Pennsylvania
This unique and ambitious series of films (Discoveries...America) about individual states are valuable tools introducing students to the geography, beauty, culture and diversity of the nation and giving students a balanced view of the nation as a whole. In Pennsylvania, for example, students travel back in time through the cobbled streets of Philadelphia to visit the Liberty Bell and the Constitution Hall, learn about Amish lifestyles and farms, see covered bridges and visit Pittsburgh, once known for pollution but now vying to become one of the greenest cities in America. Across the Allegheny river they view hundreds of rare and exotic birds at the National Aviary.

Discoveries... America: Washington
Despite the reputation of Washington as a soggy state, the sun is always shinning in this grand tour. Starting in Seattle by visiting such major points of interest as Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and the Space Needle, the leisurely paced travelogue then moves to Tacoma, the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, and other tourist destinations. From small coffeehouses and outdoor markets to lush parks and sports venues, the program (Discoveries...America, Washington) visits a multitude of popular spots. Unrushed, informative narration and occasional short interviews with park rangers, shop owners, and cheerful residents make a persuasive case for visiting this scenic Pacific Northwest state

Discoveries... (International)

Discoveries... Argentina: Natures Spectacle
Setting a wondrous mood for introducing the biodiversity of vast Argentina... Tempting tourists, attracting ecologically inclined viewers, and offering supplementary material for students, this magnificently shot and languidly paced program, part of the ongoing Discoveries series, views wildlife splendor at its best.

DVDHD15 REVIEW: Video Librarian
Discoveries... Asia: Japan –
Tokyo & Central Honshu Island
A sister project to Bennett-Watt’s Discoveries…America travelogue series, Discoveries…Asia explores the splendor, history, and culture of the Far East. Japan – Tokyo & Central Honshu Island focuses on Tokyo and its environs, w/ attention to scenery, shopping and shrines. Viewers will visit the Tsukiji Fish Market – the largest in the world of its kind – to witness a tuna auction (where other seafood delicacies are also sold to wholesalers), travel to the Senso Ji Buddhist temple w/ an English-speaking guide (who offers commentary about local holy places), see footage of the Roppongi Hills multi-complex property development, drop into the posh Ginza shopping district (where a square meter of real estate costs over $100,000), and attend a picnic celebrating the blooming of cherry blossoms in Ueno Park. In addition, the program looks at the work of Takayami artisans and highlights Matsuri festival floats, as well as presents a peek at the Koyasan Buddhist mountain retreat. One of the neatest segments here features a trip to the Mt. Fuji area that follows a public transportation labyrinth: from subway to train to bullet train to electric train (w/ switchbacks) to funicular cable railway to ropeways to boat to bus…whew! Armchair travelers & aficionados of Asian culture will appreciate both the sightseeing and the information provided in this beautiful, high-definition filmed journey to the center of the Land of the Rising Sun. Recommended.

DVDHD1-3 REVIEW: Library Journal
Discoveries... Ireland (series)
Armchair travelers will thoroughly enjoy Discoveries...Ireland. The three DVDs, filmed in wide-screen digital high-definition (HD) Dolby stereo, are filled with rich color and excellent cinematography against a background of traditional Irish music and soft, unobtrusive narration. Each disc includes “Castles & Ruins,” featuring close-ups and pans of the various castles and ruins discussed. The Emerald Isle includes an extended performance by the Bru Boru dance troupe, focusing equally on the musicians with their traditional instruments and the dancers. On A Mystical Journey, we revisit the Waterford glassworks and see the entire process, from the initial glass blowers’ tasks to setting up the design for cutting the crystal and finally cutting the beautiful patterns. A Celtic Treasure features a spoken performance in Gaelic and English, along with traditional music and dancing at the Rathcairn Pub. Highly recommended for general viewers.

DVDHD14 REVIEW: Video Librarian
Discoveries... Spain: Castles, Cathedrals & Roman Ruins
A well-scripted architectural travelogue, loaded with fascinating history and terrific on-location photography, the video features interesting sights from all over Spain, including Seville, Toledo, Leon, Avila, and Segovia. Sure to appeal to armchair travelers, history buffs, and art and architecture enthusiasts, this is highly recommended. (4 stars=Excellent, highest rating)

DVDDASE8 REVIEW: Video Librarian
Discoveries... America Special Edition:
Tulips of Skagit Valley, Washington
Beautifully filmed in widescreen digital high definition and backed with a Dolby stereo soundtrack, Tulips of Skagit Valley, Washington offers dew-covered close-ups of a dazzling array of tulips, with the camera lingering over the likes of “Abigail” and “Monte Carlo” and “Zurel” among the staggering display of varieties found in this fertile valley setting... A visual love letter to the region, backed with charming music, this is sure to appeal to both armchair travelers and gardening buffs. Highly Recommended.

Fly Fishing

Viewer Comment Joseph Car, MD
Thanks for the continued high quality productions and the TV show on ESPN.

The New Fly Fishing Basics
And what great tools these are! The New Fly Fishing Basics features ESPN’s Fly Fishing Video Magazine’s hosts Jim and Kelly Watt explaining just about everything you need to know to get going in the sometimes confusing world of freshwater fly fishing. Their friendly, low key style makes them great teachers and by using stop-action and slow motion techniques they explain the right and wrong way to cast. Later in the DVD they get into knots, equipment, fishing techniques for moving and still water and there is even a short section on basic fly-tying. The title is actually a bit of a misnomer – there are some advanced casting techniques that will allow the viewer to come back to the DVD even after the basics are mastered and still learn more. I watched this DVD and went fishing that evening, and after their explanation (the best I’ve seen) of the causes and remedies to the dreaded tailing loop, I had a great outing: no “wind knots”, no tangles, no lost flies… OTW (On the Water) Product Reviews

The New Fly Fishing Basics
DVDs – which allow viewers to pick and choose the segments they want to watch – are a perfect medium for instruction. The instructors here are Jim and Kelly Watt, hosts of their own fly fishing television series on ESPN and The Outdoor Life Network. Segments include basic and advanced casting techniques, a primer on equipment and basic fly tying. This DVD is a pleasure to watch and learn from, thanks to alternating male/female narration, rhythmic pacing, effective use of slow-motion repetition, reinforcing graphics and beautiful locations, including streams in Ireland and rivers in Argentina. Cabin Bookshelf.

The Videographer Award of Excellence

2002 Instructional Category

HTFF REVIEW: Tackle Trade News
How To Fly Fish DVD Series
... features seven instructional programmes which give easy and quick access to a range of techniques and tips, from tying flies to saltwater casting and from how to read water to details of knots and the best way to tie them. “Our fly fishing topics are in a simple menu format that allows viewers to choose what to watch and in what sequence. This makes our programmes easy and fun to use. The learning curve goes way up when a viewer can concentrate on learning about the fly they want to tie rather than getting frustrated messing with their video player.”

FTB REVIEW: Video Librarian
Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur
Combining excellent close-up camera work with clear and nicely-paced instructions, Fly Tying Basics with Dick Talleur is definitely recommended for recreational sports collections.

KNT REVIEW: Library Journal
Fishing Knots For Fresh & Saltwater Fishing
From the “How To Fly Fish” series, teaches the basics of knot tying. Jim and Kelly Watt of Fly Fishing Magazine, present step-by-step instructions for knots used to attach backing to reel, leader knots, and knots for tying leader to fly or lure. Close-up photography and the use of rope and colored filament permit ease of viewing. …well organized and will work well for visual learners. The Watts deserve kudos for their enthusiasm of a topic that some might consider “a snooze”.

HTFF REVIEW: Saltwater Fly Fishing
How To Fly Fish DVD Series
Since the 1980s, Bennett-Watt Entertainment has produced hundreds of how-to and where-to videotapes for anglers. The company now has a series of DVDs with the family name “HOW TO FLY FISH.” Saltwater fly fishers might find two of the DVD programs particularly helpful. “Knots for Fresh & Salt Water” covers more than two dozen connections and various aspects of rigging, including the Bimini twist, Hufnagle knot, haywire twist and big-game leaders. “Bonefish School & Billy Pate’s Saltwater Fly Casting Secrets” covers a lot of ground – casting, presentations, flies and fly tying, finding fish, and more. Bennett-Watts DVDs use a simple menu format to allow viewers to find what they want almost instantly. Tidings & Scuttlebutt - Gear Guide

KNT REVIEW: Booklist
Fishing Knots For Fresh & Saltwater
These knots are then tested for strength and durability. Other fishing experts demonstrate knots for various uses (big game fishing, specific fish, etc). The footage (some taken onboard fishing boats) is extremely crisp and clear and includes plenty of close-ups.

NHOFT REVIEW: Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine
New Hooked On Fly Tying: All About Hair with Chris Helm part of an extensive list of titles. Combine a professional production company with expert fly-tying demonstrators and you get the New Hooked On Fly Tying series. The film quality is excellent. Chris Helm is an acknowledged expert on deer hair and tying with deer hair and that is what this program is about. Helm opens with a lengthy introduction to whitetail deer & deer hair. Simply excellent! This is deer hair from the point-of-view of the fly tyer. Helm explains how seasons change deer hair, why some hair suits different applications, and where on the skin different hair types come from. Then get tying! Helm only ties one large Bass Bug, but frankly that one fly is a mini-master class in spun & stacked deer hair tying. The emphasis is on technique, not pattern. I picked up more about tying with deer hair in half an hour than I could in years of tying – and that’s exactly the point. Although the example is a bass fly, the materials, tools, and skills transfer to any fly with a deer hair body or head.