Oregon's CRATER LAKE National Park

Discoveries America National Parks

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Crater Lake is America's deepest lake and scientists consider it to be the cleanest and clearest large body of water in the world!

It's vibrant blue color is a testament to it's purity and depth and is fed almost entirely by rain and snowfall, which averages 28-44 feet per year.

Oregon's Mount Mazama collapsed after a major eruption thousands of years ago resulting i this spectacular natural jewel located in the Pacific Northwest.  The lake is more than 5 miles in diameter and is surrounded by 2000' steep rock walls.



  • Ranger guided boat tours with spectacular views of the Caldera walls from below "the Rim",
  • Biking
  • Hiking old growth forests
  • Pinacles
  • Crater Lake Lodge


  • Ranger guided snow shoe tours
  • Cross crountry skiing
  • "Dancing Dozers" Learn what it takes to keep the main park road open all year and the re-opening of the Rim Drive for spring.
  • 50 minutes
  • Available on DVD, Blu-ray and Download




NP28 REVIEW: Crater Lake National Park 

"Jim & Kelly, Your film was fantastic... I loved the road opening section.  I made sure to put a copy in the park library to be there forever. Thanks" Jennifer Walgrave, Crater Lake National Park 


NP28 REVIEW: Video Librarian 

The latest addition to the high-def filmed multi-volume Discoveries....America National Parks series from Jim and Kelly Watt continues to pair stunning visuals with interesting history as it takes viewers to Oregon's Crater Lake.   More than half a million visitors come here annually – most during the short summer season, but thanks to a hardy snowplow crew the park remains open year-round.  Rangers say the colder months can be the best time to take in the beauty of the park and see the effects of climate.  "winter is the season that determines what plants and animals we'll see in the summer," says one ranger.  Camping is always an option, but those who want to "rough it" in style will want to check out the historic Crater Lake Lodge, which was refurbished the 1990s and now features paved walkways for better access.   Cruising by boat offers spectacular of notable Pumice Castle, Wizard Island, and Phantom Ship Island.  Portland postal carrier William Gladstone Steel (called the "father of Crater Lake:) came upon the area in 1885 and spent the next 16 years of his live advocating for a national preserve – writing more than one thousand letters to sway President Grover Cleveland—until it was finally established as a national park in 1902.  Beautifully capturing a splendid national treasure, this engaging guide is recommended. (Aud: P. (C. Clock)


NP28 REVIEW: The Midwest Book Review 

Part of the Discoveries... America National Parks series of beautiful, high-definition video essays (available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats), Oregon's Crater Lake National Park is a stunning showcase of the features and natural beauty of this remote natural park. Crater Lake is America's deepest lake, and scientists believe it to be the cleanest and clearest large body of water in the world. Steep, 2,000 foot rock walls surround this difficult-to-reach yet utterly breathtaking natural spectacle. Oregon's Crater Lake National Park includes ranger-guided boat tours, footage from hiking old growth forests, Crater Lake Lodge, ranger-guided snow shoeing and cross country skiing in winter, and the "Dancing Dozers". The next best thing to visiting this extraordinary national park in person, Oregon's Crater Lake National Park is a joy to view, and especially recommended for public library DVD collections. 51 min.